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Back to the past - Part 2, May 18

Headed further north to Iffezheim which is where we lived for the first 10 months in Germany.
From the car the base/airport was now on my right and I could get some pictures as we drove past.
It looked like the same fence was there.

 And could now see the golf course behind it.

One of the things the place is famous for is the horse racing which we never attended but we did drive past the buildings and pastures today.

And past the center of town although I must admit there were many more shops and restaurants but liked this square.

Driving through town we could not locate the house we had lived in and not even a house that was situated the same.  The one end of the house was at a right angel to the street and right along the sidewalk.  A fence completely enclosed the grounds that had a garden area at the rear.  The front door was halfway along the house so you had to go through the gates to reach it.

We did find one house that had a paint job that Andrea really liked.
Yes, it is green with grey accents.  Can identify it easily when giving directions I am sure.

Also on one of the back roads we found a farming place that had signs out and a large parking lot with quite a few cars so we decided to check it out and I am so glad that we did.
 This was Huber of Restaurant & (?). (Did find it on Google map on Spitzenweg to the left of Iffezheim the town)  There were more areas inside the building where you could eat and you can purchase fresh produce in the last building seen above.  And below was the view to my left
 This was my lunch and it was so tasty!  A lovely cold salad of white asparagus, fresh baby peas, cherry tomatoes, hard boiled eggs, radish and fresh herb flavorings in a white dressing.  Unbelievably good.
 Andrea wasn't hungry so she ordered the small size of wiener schnitzel with French fries and a salad.  For some reason she ate the salad much later that day.
 And we shared our dessert.  The glass bowl is much higher at the back so the display was lovely.  The strawberries were fresh grown there and full of color and taste.
 There was another patio area in front of the house to our left and I am sure that many children have enjoyed the strawberry table and chairs.

 This one did!

And she made a new friend but I didn't think it was nice to sit on him.

 And a playground area.
 Bikes were parked in slots cut into a large log.

When we got back to the car, this was a view of the house where the bikes were parked and that backed onto the eating area which is tucked away at the left end of the building.

 How they marked a corner of the driveway.

And as a new memory, the rear of the car showing the car model.

 And to prove this was the one she got to drive.  I think the smile says it all.
This is the sign at the north entrance to Iffezheim.  Would be the south-east corner.

And at the south-west corner.
Drove home through Rastatt which was the nearest city along their highway 3 enroute to Karlsruhe.  Plainly remember going there sometimes for the market and buying myself flowers.  Will never forget one time taking a VW van there with the husband of the couple upstairs at that time in Leiberstung.  He was a big tall man and we had car problems which meant he had to open the back of the van and crank the motor to start it while I stood alongside to "supervise".  This was enough to cause glances but then in the rear window were the faces of 6 children stepped down in ages from 9 to 3 probably.  The first 3 looked very much alike with red hair and then there were my 3.  Caused a few double takes.

 Some city views:

Of course, we did get hungry later in the day and had to have our supper after getting back to Karlsruhe.
Recognize the gold circle in the center right of the picture?

Would the picture below help?

Yes, we are sitting in the hotel restaurant at the edge of the Zoo.  And don't you love the boundary between the two -- that thin piece of wire going across just above the back of the chair.

I choose a menu of soup and the entrée below which is cod and vegetables.
 Andrea choose this meat in pastry with salad -- sorry but I forget the full and proper description of her meal.
 Again we shared the dessert so it was gone before the camera was picked up.  Warm apple strudel with ice cream and a chocolate drizzle on top.
 The door into the restaurant.  The name is Lowe am Tiergarten.  It was very interesting to see the pictures on their Booking .com site.
 This covered sidewalk continued completely along the sidewalk for the full block.  To the right would be the hotel, just to the left the zoo store and entrance and then a three story building that had a small grocery store and some empty storefronts that had been a butcher and another store and there were signs for doctors in the suites above.  At the end of the block to the left you crossed the road and were at our hotel. 
The building you see through the arches is the train station.

Finished the shawl with the wool I had brought with me.  The wool in the picture is what I had bought for myself in Basel.  Started another shawl the same shape but doing different stitch patterns for each colour change.  The stitch in the last color, the purple, will be the same as the last stitch pattern in the yellow shawl -- a plain yarn over, knit 2 together across the row.  Thought I would like this connection for the two shawls.
To bed before another train trip in the morning.


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