Saturday, June 6, 2015

Hotel #2 - Karlsruhe, May 17 - 19

This one gave us history and elegance.

Built in 1922 and the elevator is wood and glass from 1942.  For some reason, it now has a heritage designation.  Andrea has some pictures of it but my flash camera didn't take any good pictures.
And some views of the stairway that circled around the elevator.

Just to the right of the bottom of the stairs was a waist-high cylinder where you pushed a button, put your foot in one of the openings and your shoe got cleaned. Wish now was had tried to see if it actually still worked but I bet it does.
Had the third bed in as we had hoped our friend now living in Hamburg might join us for the day.

Only get one key for the room but what a key!
There was a stretch of rooms across the street front and then some down a hall at right angles to the main building and our room was on the rear of the building so had this balcony outside our window which is reached from the main long hall.

Picture to give you an idea on how deep the window opening was.  Should also note that the windows opened inwards but when the opening handle was turned the opposite way they would open from the top.  Really neat and appreciated especially at night.

The view of the bathroom from the small foyer.

Tub and shower area.  Shower was a nuisance as you were standing too close to the water handle and the tub closer.  You could turn the water off mid-shower or block the drain and have the water rise around your ankles.  Two things I also noted -- they do like the floating toilets with a push button AND a cover on the toilet paper that I eventually learned to tear against.
The bidet that was directly across from the toilet.
And double sinks which was lovely.

And the clothes closet that was in the front foyer immediately to the right as you entered.  The bathroom was directly ahead and the bedroom to the left so a very generous size.
Right half of the cupboard.  The other side was for hanging clothes.

Liked the look of the headboards.
Above is a picture off their web site that shows the view from the opposite side of the room without the 3rd bed.  Below the TV is an area with a display of food and drink available from it or the bar which is behind the door below.  Desk to the left and luggage bench to the right.
Across the front of the hotel were numerous casual tables and chairs for relaxing and a car park.  It was free to get into but you would be charged going out or have made arrangements at the front desk.  Across most of the front inside was a high-ceiling very light room where the breakfast was served.  Found the food to be very generous with scrambled eggs, sausages, cereal, juice and such so no Continental Breakfast here.  Picture below is off their info from where the serving tables are to the hotel reception area beyond the doors straight ahead.
Would highly recommend the Schlosshotel in Karlsruhe to anyone.  Situated at one corner of the zoo and basically across the street from the train station.


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