Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Coming home -- May 20

We had reached the point where the only focus of our trip was the final part of getting home.  Travelling on our own we wanted to get to the airport early to ensure we had time for everything.

Headed across to the train station and purchased tickets to Schipol airport. 
May I note here that there are numerous trains and buses that go to the.  The trains are enroute to many places outside of Amsterdam.  We tried for the 9:30 train but weren't certain of the destination as all the names seemed to be everything but.  Realized afterwards that the airport was about the third stop listed so caught the next train -- 25 minutes later on a train that was headed 203 km to Vissingen
And the cost was just over 10 Euros for the two of us. 
Big difference from what Toronto is planning to do and the cost they have suggested.  No wonder they don't have to worry about the cars the way we do here in Canada.  I have a car but would certainly use public transportation if it was done like Europe.  And don't say about the distances and populations because the Windsor - Montreal corridor could certainly support it.  There are many areas in Canada that could support it and with it integrated into a cross Canada train it would certainly encourage an economical alternative to the almighty car.

A view from our platform to the area behind where the ferry connects.

It didn't take very long to reach the train station below the airport and now began the trek to find the right areas and such.

The airport itself is huge!

We asked an employee about the KLM area and were directed to it.  Once there a KLM employee directed us to numerous machines set up where you printed out your boarding pass.  Asked about checking the bags, we were directed to a short line where we could do the weighing and tagging of our luggage.  Once completed the front of the machine came down and our bags disappeared until the end of our trip.

Through passport control and we were in the departure area.

Not too many eating places that we found but one served sushi so we had a lovely mixed tray.  Around the area were numerous shops and they were ALL duty free.  Did more shopping in that area then we had done all throughtout the trip.  Had the best idea of what space we had and didn't have to worry about lugging it around with us.

We were in the side three seats so slightly more room.  Unhappy father directly ahead of my aisle seat as his wife, approx. 5 month old baby and a 4 year old were in two of the center seats.  He wanted to be beside here but there was a party of two booked for the center so he was not too happy.  Think he was more problem than the kids.  The baby got a cot that hung on the wall in front of the mother which seemed very nice and was certainly handy.

Must say that the food was very good but then I don't fly often and was just glad to get some.

7:30 arrival time in Toronto.  The long multiple moving sidewalk in Toronto was NOT appreciated.  Seemed as it should have been booked as a separate trip.  Customs is all automated and our bags were coming down as we approached the carousel so no delay at that either.

Thought Andy might meet us after all his "stalking" but Alex did instead.  I was pleased to see him but he hadn't been given all the instructions so Andrea was making a quick dash to Tim Horton's almost before speaking to him.  He had parked at the far side of the parking garage so went over and got the car to meet us outside.  Cars pulled out in front of us just as he arrived so that worked out well.

The next day Andrea, while on her second Timmies, drove me home with Mandy along for the ride.  And to ensure she stayed awake going home.

We met my sister and BIL for lunch and it was very nice to see them.

Apparently both Andrea and I were up quite awhile on Thursday before the tiredness hit.  The adjustment seemed much easier than what we had at the start of the trip.

Went back to work on the 25th.  Will adjust eventually to being back to work and the daily routine.  Now I just want to consider where and when I can go next.

Two last pictures taken out my front window
 The first one was taken the day I left: 
The one below is taken just a few days after coming home.  No matter what you may be doing or what has happened to you -- the World just keeps on moving and changing.

Enjoy each and all moments.  They go by too very fast.


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