Monday, June 8, 2015

Hotel #3 - May 19 - 20

Just to remind everyone, Andy had booked our hotels and trains and such for us.  He had concerns about this last hotel but it wasn't at the very top of the prices nor was it at the very bottom and the reviews stated that it had a good location.

So when he asked us how it was the reply texted was "It has a good location".  For some reason that didn't ease his mind at all.

The place consists of two buildings that aren't obviously joined.  The one on the right has a doorway straight ahead set back about 36" and a door set at an angle to walk into the "hotel".  The room is wide enough to have two small tables on either side of the room and an area to walk to the back where the night man stood when we arrived.  I must mention that the entire room is in shades of brown and black and has a very high ceiling.

The night man tried to be very helpful but was new so uncertain about several of our questions.  Since we could see the shape of the stairs in the office we knew there were a lot of them and very step ones.  Since he wasn't about to take our bags upstairs we had to be moved from the second floor to the first floor which for us would have been the second floor.  He did say he would check with the Owner when he came in later to see if we could leave our bags in their back room.  Turns out that they state they do allow the bags to be left all day.  Had to pay the city tax (about 5 Euro) and a 10 Euro deposit for the one key allowed.

There was no way we were going to do the trip until we had to so we headed out to a restaurant right across the road for supper.

There was an Argentinian Steakhouse across the road so we choose it.  The seats and benches were all covered in cow hide.  It was a long narrow room with another larger room opening up off it near the rear.  They had an extensive menu and the choice of three cuts of beef in a range of 3 different sizes.  We both chose the mid-size priced cut and the smallest size and then had two appetizers -- skewer of large roasted mushrooms and French fries.  The mayonnaise was already on the table in large pouches like ketchup comes here and no extra charge which was a nice change.  The meal was very good.

Now --- the hotel.  From across the street.  Have used some of the pictures that they had on their site and most are ones I took myself.
The upper stories of the two buildings -- the black front and the white fronted building.
 The view looking towards the train station.  You must agree that it is a good location.
 A nice view of the train station.  And do you also notice all those things in front of the station?
 If you said buses and trams you are absolutely right.  So you can tell instantly what you have when they are running and you are on a nice wide street.

Yes, it was noisy until they stopped running after midnight on this Tuesday night.
Fairly comfortable but low beds.  Those two windows that had the HOTEL sign between them -- those were our windows.
Turn to the wall that would be on your right and there was a desk with these lights.  Only problem is that none of them were plugged in and we didn't want to go looking for outlets.  Under the desk was a small frig that needed to be plugged in also.  Not that we would have put anything in it.

This is a view below of when you turn left from the first picture of the beds.  There are some shelf areas and the area beside it is just open space for the one light that was plugged in.  Actually this area is over the stairs coming up.  Our sink was nice and handy but don't stand there when someone comes in. 
A better view of that side of the room. 

To the left of the door was the door to the shower room.  Those are very small tiles -- about 5" maybe -- so you can tell the width.  Again a very high ceiling and a good six feel back.  No windows.  Yes there was a light in the ceiling but we could not find a way to turn it on and with those other lamps I am sure we never would have turned it on.

When you opened the door to the hallway, this was our view:
The rolled up hose at the end was a fire hose.  the handle on the right led to the shared toilet room and beyond it the other door led to the stairs between floors.

The shared toilet.  Long and narrow and tiled.  What more can I say?

The floor in our room was laminate flooring and the pictures didn't turn out as I so wanted people to see them.  There were 1/2" gaps between the ends of the boards in the middle of the room!  Someone wanted to do a very quick and inexpensive job and they most certainly did.

The next morning the Owner was there and couldn't understand why we hadn't taken the room he had booked for us.  He was told quite plainly that with mobility issues we had only wanted the one flight of stairs to do.  They were easier to do going down as I travelled them sideways and had both feet on one tread before moving to the next one.
Even found a YouTube video someone had take of a different room.  Think we did better.

Another point about the location -- we were just a 10 minute walk from the Red Light District so Andrea did a trip over to see it.  I must admit to being glad when she got back but she had felt safe while out so I am glad she did get to visit it.


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