Friday, September 29, 2006

Back in Service

Son has been trying to change our style of internet service so we can have phone and the internet at the same time. He started four days ago but it is not fully set-up as yet. He assured me this morning that I could still use the internet as dial up. I very quickly told him that was what I had been trying to do but everything came back as "Server Not Found". He very nicely sat down and got it adjusted so I am very pleased to get internet today even if the phone doesn't work at the same time.

I have been knitting. Have more than doubled what was in the picture of the scarf. There even has been progress on some socks of which there are about 4 pairs on the needles. Will take a picture when they look more presentable.

I have also done something good for myself. Yesterday I went to the Boys and Girls Club, took a tour, and signed up to join the Horton Street Seniors' Center that meet in the facilities. With a brand new Olympic sized swimming pool warmed to 84F and half the previous pool at 94F, I am really looking forward to getting back in the water. There is a new program starting Tuesday called Joint Fit that meets in the heated pool. My registration is complete, my payment made, and my swimming bag almost ready. Just need to add a towel and my gym shoes as you have to have them for some areas so they may as well always be in my bag. As an added benefit for the days when I don't have a car ride, for 50cents a trip more, their bus will take me door to door instead of my having to use 3 city buses. I have to admit that was a big incentive. The overall total cost will be about half that of the Y, which is a nice thing, and there are more services and activities to take part in. Maybe next year I will take up shuffelboard although I really doubt it.

Now have the book that I had mentioned earlier. Know that I copied the pattern from it and couldn't even find that but DDA came through and sent me a copy of the book and another one involving embroidery. For the knitting book - A Deadly Yarn by Maggie Sefton The heroine, Kelly Flynn, has a knitting store with cafe beside her house. I like that set-up already. Kelly has been getting involved in the Fiber Art community of Fort Connor, Colorado, and with ranchers and miners in the community. Her introduction came in the previous books called Needled to Death and Knit One, Kill Two. In many ways I thought of the book as a knitting Nancy Drew as, although it was entertaining for a knitter, there was no deep character development or suspense. Enjoyable, light reading.
Would I buy it - maybe
Would I check the library - yes
Would I look for other books by her - yes

The other book is the latest in Monica Ferris' Needlecraft mystery series. Here the main character is Betsy Devonshire, a "full-time needlework shop owner and part-time sleuth". This should make good reading while I have supper tonight. Son at work so I'll head off to make an omelet for myself now.


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