Monday, September 25, 2006


Finished knitting the small ball I had wound for the ISE and realized that it would never be long enough and each row was taking way too long. Just too stuborn though as I did another few rows while I debated what I could do.

Finally acknowledged the trust and, using the 2nd and larger ball I had wound, I started the scarf again using larger needles. It is going much faster and will surely be a much longer scarf.

On the left is 6 hours knitting on the new needles and on the right about 60 hours knitting on the smaller needles. Will leave the one on the needles until I need the yarn as don't want to wind it again. Seemed to drop it too often. I really hated chasing it.

Went for my yearly eye exam this morning. Next year I hope to remember to make it for a day David is off or someone is about to drive me. The office is not too far from home but I am certainly not comfortable driving it after the drops in my eyes. At least this year they didn't seem to bother my stomach. Only a slight change in my eyes so don't need to have my glasses changed.

I had thought my sister would be around but she had to leave too early to help. She is off to New York City for 5 days with a daughter-in-law and 2 granddaughters so it should be fun. Going to Ground Zero and some Broadway shows and a sightseeing tour is what I would like.

Now off to get some scarf knitting done.


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