Sunday, October 1, 2006

Lucy's Scarf

A number of years ago I worked for a rehabilitation company. On behalf of the insurance companies, we ensured that people who had been moderately to severely injured in an automobile accident were receiving timely and effective care. This was before the more recent changes in car insurance here in Ontario.

We invoiced daily and did payroll biweekly so we had need of a backup person for me. The first person hired was Irene who became a very close friend and who died last year of breast cancer. I'll tell her story another time. The second person hired was Lucy who also became a close friend to both Irene and I. We had many good visits and meals as a threesome.

Lucy came to Canada from Korea and lived a number of years in this area so we have many things in common. Her daughter is now married, living in Calgary and has 2 beautiful daughters. Her son married last year and will have a new baby this fall and lives in Chicago. After many years of travelling back and forth between the 3 places, she and Young, her husband, have decided to move to Calgary.

As a farewell gift, I wanted to make her a pair of socks but she said no. Now some may find this very surprising, but that was her response. Instead she suggested a scarf before trying to talk me out of making her anything. Now how can she expect to remember me if she does not have at least some small token gift from me? So a scarf it is and into the yarn shop we headed. She suggested black to go with her new coat but any knitter will understand why I did not jump for joy with that suggestion. Ended up with a nice black and grey mix in alpaca. Lucy suggested very narrow which is always nice, and not too long which I could also agree with. Found several patterns I did like as there is no way it could be plain - it would be easier just to buy a scarf and I wanted something special.

We bought the yarn several months ago but haven't wanted to start as that would mean that she is actually going. The house now has a conditional offer, she is back from a visit to arrange things in Calgary where they have purchased a house, and has started packing so I decided I better face reality and get started. It is the first project in ages that I have started about 6 times before I have found the right pattern and rhythm. Did get 4 repeats of the 4 row pattern on 29 stitches done this morning after all the starting overs so it is a start. This now means that I have 2 scarfs and 2 pairs of socks that I can choose for "easy" knitting. I wonder where my eldest and her youngest get their ADD from?

Will post a picture of the scarf when it gets longer. I am accepting the fact that Lucy is moving away.


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