Friday, September 15, 2006

Child sitting

Got a call from DDA that she needed a babysitter for Friday. School has just started but the teachers need a Professional Development Day for paperwork, adjust class size, etc. Wasn't sure I was up to coming but hadn't been out of the house since Saturday evening so decided that was part of the reason I didn't want to move. Very glad I decided to come.

DGDA has been a pleasure to be with today. She wanted a pj day but settled for just the morning. Out shopping this afternoon and got her a good start on her Halloween costume. We couldn't find a nice tea shop nearby so settled on Licks for a hamburg for me and hot dog for her. It has been several years since I have had one at the store so it was a nice change. DGDA also received a coupon for an ice cream cone so she thinks that was quite a bonus since it will mean another trip there.

We also went to Humber Nursery which is huge. In one back corner is a butterfly area so it was very interesting to see the various plants and butterflies. Right next to it were their ponds with Koi and goldfish. We could also buy fish food which turned out to be the best 25 cents I've spent in a long time. The fish were very eager to be fed and there was a great deal of splashing and jumping going on. Naturally I had forgotten to take my camera but did take some outside the building just before we left.

Last night we had chicken which DGDA was not thrilled about so tonight she got her piazza. A small cheese just for her, pepperoni medium for DGSA (the grandson is 14), and a large perogi piazza for the adults. Worked out well. (just realized the time - writing this as if it is Friday night but see that it is after 2 a.m. Saturday.)

Since there are several things going on this weekend, and a craft fair also nearby, and someone is needed to get DGDA to school Monday morning, I guess I better get some sleep tonight and will probably stay over until Monday morning. Especially since there is lobster and shrimp on the menu for Saturday night.


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