Thursday, September 21, 2006

Thank You

Have to start with a great big thank you to my One Skein Secret Pal. For the final gift, I received this gorgeous scarf. Thank you so very much, Pat.

The pattern is adapted from the last issue of Vogue Knitting to make it a scarf size and it is suri alpaca. Perfect width and length for under my dress coat. Right now it is sitting around my shoulders as the house is a bit chilly but not enough to turn the heat on. This is soooooooo much nicer.

In the first two months I received these two skeins. The first was from the Snow Leopard Trust and is Handspun Camel Wool, made in Mongolia. There is 150 to 200 yrs of bulky yarn that is surprisingly soft. Thinking about fingerless gloves for it.
The other yarn is Misti Alpaca, 100% baby Alpaca worsted 4ply. Have some cream in the same weight so thought they would make a gorgeous patterned tam or hat. The colors don't show too well but, trust me, they are perfect colors for me.

Have 4 pairs of socks half done so want to get a least two of them off the needles before I start the projects for me.

(Must find out how to make lists down the side to I can list the projects and my progress on them.)

Did enjoy this exchange and the lovely gifts sent me so I am doing the International Scarf as noted in a previous post. Scarf is going well but very slowly. I may have to change the yarn and pattern choosen if it doesn't progress faster.

On the weekend, I worked on another project so that I could use my DDA's washing machine and felt it. Got the purse knit from the kit I received as a door prize. Changed the top a bit because I did not want the full cord closing so now there are two short cords to hold the sides pleated and the slit hand hold. Going to put some plastic canvas in to keep the bottom flat and then it will be ready for use. Very pleased on how the colors worked out and how the felting went. Would I felt something again - definitely yes. Would I buy 3 balls of Noro for felting - doubt that very much due strictly because of the cost.

One thing I forgot to mention about Humber Nursery was the cute Weather Station they had outside. Thought it was nice with DGDA. (Also have to learn now to make the picture go bigger when you click on it -- HELP, Lee) The idea if the sign is that if the rock hanging beside the word Entrance is wet, then it is raining, if it has snow on it, then it is snowing, etc.

Had a marvelous lobster dinner with some adjustments. The company sent the extra 2 lobsters ordered but did not send the two free ones and the pound of shrimp that were on the gift voucher. Hopefully they arrived Monday but I haven't heard yet who got to eat them. DGSA has decided he likes lobster. The first time they were in the house he was only 3 or so and he named them. It took some fast talking as to why he couldn't play with them the next day. This time he named them Tasty and Delicious and was quite willing to dig in to eat them.

Trip home Monday morning went well after I dropped DGDA at school. Mom had an appointment at 9 so rather than leave real early that morning, she had headed over Sunday night. Only drawback on the trip is that I couldn't knit in the car.

This is getting very long so next time I will tell you about the books I read.


Anonymous,  September 24, 2006 at 8:03 PM  

seems like you figured the picture thing out without me

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