Sunday, October 29, 2006

Book Trip

Once a year, Mandy's Mom's work has a warehouse sale to benefit the United Way and Food Bank. So on a cold, windry, grey, wet Saturday morning Sister, Bev and I ventured off on a book trip. We always receive generously from Mandy's Mom but there is something about a BIG warehouse full of books that calls.

Shortest, fastest, and the most stressful way to get there is the 401 into Toronto and 404 north. Even at 7 on a Saturday morning, that route does not in the least interest me so we head north well before Toronto and head north east towards our destination. Very good roads, very little traffic and some lovely views even thought they included rain and some snow.

Late enough to our destination that we had no lineup to meet up with the rest of the party. For 3 people who were not going to buy much, a large box, several big purses and baskets were used. I bought mostly box sets of a small book and related items such as ....would outline more clearly but not sure what all I am giving and to whom so think details better wait.

After shopping comes eating. Went to a nearby Swiss Chalet which was nice but could have used a faster server. Afterwards came even more shopping for our car - there are two wool shops in a nearby city but we were good and only visited one of them. And amazingly, only one book was purchased and NOT by me. Saw some lovely yarns though and a sweater on display that Sister was impressed by. Maybe we can get details worked out before she leaves Tuesday.

Headed home across country somewhat but hooked up with the 401 just past Brampton. Went past Maple Leaf Chicken plant and store so had a stop there. Sister did my shopping for me so I got luncheon meat, a cooked chicken, some chicken breasts, cole slaw and some lovely wedge cut fries which served as a snack for us. Made it easier when we got home - unloaded each at their home, brought myself and walker into the house, had a bit of chicken and went to bed.

Of course, today has been bright and very sunny and I am having a pj day but we had a great time and that is the main thing.


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