Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Christmas & Birthday Celebration

After helping me on several questions for my blog, my daughter Flit has decided to start her own. Word of warning -- she doesn't knit or do crafts. Presently she teaches at a college and is taking English courses for her University degree. You can check out her writting at the following noted location:

Went to Port Huron today with my Sister to buy her Christmas present. She had looked around when she was down several weeks ago for Scrabble games but wasn't sure then what she wanted. Made it easy for myself and offered to buy a set for her. There was some pants she had looked at before and didn't buy so she purchased them today. I was fairly good - no yarn, 3 tops on sale from J.C. Penny but nothing from Bon Worth, and no books. One transgression out of 4 I think is something to be proud of. Had a nice lunch at the Olive Garden which I haven't been to for about 10 years.

Her daughter has a birthday today so to celebrate we took the daughter's second eldest daughter out to party. Had a lovely time at The Mongolian Grill. Only one thing overlooked - no cake or dessert. Hope someone provided one for Margaret Ann and that she has an outstanding day.


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