Saturday, November 4, 2006

My Week in Review

Monday was swimming then to the Chiropractor. Have gone off and on for the last few years to a practise where they do Wellness Management which means they gently touch contact points on the spine and allow the body to heal itself. I find it highly effective and I don't tense up when they want to touch my neck. Only problem is I hadn't been for almost two months so my one leg as 2" shorter than the other. Any questions as to why my back hurts? Did remember enough so that after only a few minutes I was 1/2' difference and I can manage that. Must plan better so I go more often.

Did some light shopping and then met my Sister and Harry at East Side Mario's. David was able to sit down for most of the meal so we had a nice visit and good meal. I had the Goat Cheese stuffed Chicken which I will duplicate at home for certain as I would have liked more cheese. None of us had dessert which was a bit of a surprise.

Tuesday Sister and Harry left for Florida. They are pulling a trailer and will stay for 5 months with a week or so in Edmonton at Christmas to see her family. No rain here so hope they have a clear trip down. I got to go swimming in the warm pool while they drive to the warmth.

Wednesday was Red Hats. Four of us went to a restraunt just outside the city so a very nice drive. The Little Beaver prepares fresh, home cooked food with nothing fancy. The price is also very reasonable and the desserts are worth a special trip just for them. Two had not been before so it was a very nice treat for them.

Went looking for a Christmas House supposedly nearby but it hasn't opened yet for the season. Ended up going miles the other direction to a very nice place called Winter Wheat. It is a real treat to visit any time of the year and I hope you will take a few minutes to visit their web site. This will give you a much better idea of the interesting things there.

Thursday was knitting and swimming. Everyone is getting ready for the Bazaar and I work on my own thing. Feel bad about it so brought home some sewing to do. Next year when I see what they sell and what might sell then I'll get busy. Certainly have enough yarn and material to get things for them.

Mandy's Mom phoned to let me know she has picked up the tickets for the Blue Man Group in Toronto on November 11th. Easy date to remember. Son had won the tickets this summer and gave them to us. I have seen the group in some ads and a TV show so really looking forward to it.

Friday Mandy's Mom called again to say she was clear on Wednesday and would meet me in Cambridge for my surgeon's appointment. I don't really need anyone with me for this meeting but it will be nice to visit with her and have something to eat afterwards. Think she just wants to be the first to find out the date. My sister called and she expects a phone call that night as their internet is not hooked up as yet.

Sister tried to get me going by saying it was 80 and sunny since they got there. Only thing I envy is the pool to use anytime and there are daily exercise classes. They had car problems on the way which put them behind. Got to drive through Cinncinati and Atlanta at rush hour. Not fun. They are there now and all set-up so now the sitting, relaxing and swimming can get started.

Saturday and I am reading blogs, indexing some books, cleaning some areas, and knitting. Son has my camera so no pictures but I just have to graft some stitches and thread in 4 ends on my green socks. Half through the yarn from Lucy's scarf so getting something done on it also.

Enjoy life.


Tamara,  November 4, 2006 at 7:04 PM  

Sounds like you've been busy....I'll try to call you sometime in the next few days since I haven't talked to you lately..:)

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