Monday, October 23, 2006

Scarf Sent

Took time on the weekend to block the scarf and sent it away today with a few goodies. I am very glad to have it all done. Very curious and somewhat anxious about the response. This is only the second time I have been in an exchange so still unsure of "proper procedures". The scarf is the colors mentioned, almost twice the length of my ironing board (which is what I blocked it on) and 6 1/2" wide. Since it is all lace, I thought the finished width qualified as narrow. Now the waiting for her response and for the scarf coming to me. Meanwhile, here are a few pictures for you.

Folded in half on the ironing board. Ran tape through the holes in the border lace along the edge of the center lace. Made it much easier to block.

The scarf end on the right shows the right side of the knitting and the left end is of the reverse side. I personally like both sides but the edge border has a more definite "right" side.

Also, in further knitting news, my friend Bev and I went to Kitchener Sunday afternoon. Sylvia, owner of Knit Werks, had arrange for Jane Ellison to speak. Jane writes the winter pattern books for Noro and designs for several other English yarn companies all the while working full time. She truly enjoys designing and the Noro yarns. It was very interesting to hear her speak and to see the wide assortment of yarns and pattern books. The room held 50 people and I think everyone went home with patterns and/or yarn for a project.

I only bought 4 balls which I think will become a felted purse. Had thought to start the Leaping Lizard pattern that I have seen on several sites but don't think that a hand washable afghan would be appreciated in my house or by any of my children. Also bought 2 pattern books so maybe after looking at them closely I may change my mind.

Had a lovely meal at Oscars before the event. Hash browns, spinach, peppers, mushrooms, onions and cheese served in a dish with a small serving of baked beans and 2 eggs done any style for $7.95. Also 2 slices of toast. There was almost enough for two people except I was very hungry by the time it arrived so there was no sharing and also no dessert which is a surprise when we go there.

There was tea, coffee and some lovely desserts at the gathering so did well there. Very cold, damp, rainy day so broke the trip home in the dark by stopping at a restraunt in a town near home. Had a lovely meal at a reasonable price so will have to stop there another time. They had HOT homemade soup which is an attraction in itself.

Will leave the rest of the news for another post as I am having a hard time being up tonight. Time for my bed, TV and knitting.

With the yarn left after making Lucy's scarf, I have started some fingerless mittens. Having the same problem as with the scarf -- am on about the 6th start. Hopefully they will soon start going much better. Certainly threatens my confidence as a knitter.


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