Friday, October 6, 2006

Keeping Busy

Will try to get everything in order to get up to today.

Got the book read by Monica Ferris -- Embroidered Truths. The shop caters to all the needlecrafts so each book can have a sort of theme. In this book, the gay manager, Godwin, is thrown out of their apartment by his partner and he comes to Betsy Devonshire, the store owner and friend. The partner is murdered and, of course, our hero is arrested and Betsy gets involved. This book had very well drawn characters who it was easy to get interested in.
Would I buy it - probably
Would I read more by her - definitely.

Monday was a trip to Port Huron with my Sister, her daughter-in-law Margaret and her friend Cheryl. Cheryl drove her van so was nice not too drive and was very comfortable. We visited a number of stores but did not get to Cracker Barrel which Sister had really wanted to show Margaret. Good excuse for another trip. I can remeber when it was a very big deal to make the hour trip across the border. My folks enjoyed going on a Sunday afternoon for shopping (Mom) and the bar (Dad). My Sister and her kids would go for shopping, picnics and boat watching. There is still a difference in the stores, products and styles available and the difference in prices still make it an enjoyable trip. This time I only got one book on sale but I find I find the difference in prices worthwhile. When there is $5 to $9 difference in a book's price and I am buying several books, and I get a day out with a friend, a meal at a different restaurant, and the exchange is fairly favourable, I think it makes sense to buy in the States.

Went to Hooks for supper with all of Cheryl's family and my son. They have a nice buffet and on Monday's the price is 2 for 1. Nice to visit with everyone but by 8:30 it was much nicer to be able to go home to my own bed.

Tuesday was the first day for Joint Fit. It was a very easy, slow moving class designed to stretch and use joints that are affected by arthritis. Only about 16 people including 1 man, it was a fun class and I do like the instructor. The water didn't seem too warm until you put your hand in the other side of the pool which is heated to 84 and it felt like ice water. Patio tables and chairs and some palm trees around the edge so it is also a very pleasant spot. Looking forward to my next class.

Wednesday was another meal out - this time the Mandarin which again is Chinese and Canadian buffet but I think it is more extensive and better food. The Red Hat group went out with 2 guests of Margaret and Lorna's daughter Heather. I really enjoyed our time together. Afterwards, Sister and Margaret went to visit a nursing home, Heather and Lorna went shopping, and Bev and I went to get her sewing machine from repairs and to a yarn shop. Very proud of myself as I didn't buy anything.

Thursday Sister, Bev, and I drove to Toronto to take Margaret to the airport. Stopped in Brampton for a lovely breakfast and visit with my youngest. This was the only opportunity for her to meet with Margaret. Afterwards we went to Ikea to meet DDA again before she headed into Toronto and we went to Red Lobster for a late lunch. Let Bev and Sister shop a bed & bath store that has been out West but just opening down here. For some reason, I enjoyed a few minutes of just sitting. My left leg was just too sore and I hated the thought of getting into the truck.

Coming home my throat was getting sore and Friday the sniffles started in earnest. My eyes are burning and I certainly don't want to focus on knitting, reading or TV. Probably plenty of typing errors but I often type with my eyes closed and doing it now. Have started the dosages of Cold FX so don't expect to be suffering for too many days.

I had been invited to Brampton for Thanksgiving and thought about going but certainly didn't feel I could drive it myself after all the activities I've had this week. Packed my bag and thought I would just stay on Thursday but Son forgot to pick up my perscriptions so couldn't go three or four days without them. Turned out I had to pay the yearly deductable of $100 so just as well I didn't stay.

Hope any and all Canadian readers have a very Happy Thanksgiving and get to celebrate with family and/or friends.


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