Friday, October 13, 2006

Snow and Stitching

Well, we had our first snow yesterday and today. It certainly is not staying but it is definitely cold enough. And windy. Saw plenty of winter coats on people today. Felt so sorry for those standing at bus stops as I have done that a lot and know how quickly and how much you can feel the cold. One lady had her fur trimmed hood up today at one bus stop. You could tell I had a car today as I am wearing a very light coat over a bulky sweater. With Crocs on my feet and no socks. That is what I will hopefully be wearing most if not all this winter. It is too difficult to get socks on but maybe I'll have to wear my other backless shoes when the snow starts staying. The holes around my toes on the Crocs let in just a bit too much.

My ISE scarf is coming along very well. The baseball series sure helps me in getting a lot of easy knitting done. All of the large ball I had wound has been knit with. The scarf is quite long but my Scarf Receiver likes them very long so I plan to use all of the small ball that I had started knitting with. At the "old" guage there is 12" of knitting so I hopefuly should get almost double that with the new guage. Really hope to have it done by the end of next week and in the mail to her.

Have been getting in a routine of going to the HSSC three times a week and I am really enjoying it. Have the bus set for Tuesday and Thursdays now and will drive myself on the Mondays when I normally have the car anyway. Mondays will be an aquafit class and some time in the Hot Tub and on the exercise bike and free weights in the Weight Room. Tuesdays is a Joint Fit class in the Wellness Pool at the warmer temperature. Thursday is also a Join Fit class after a knitting group. Will also try to do the exercise bike on those days.
26 days to the Specialist.


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