Friday, December 15, 2006

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

No snow but gathering presents stored in several places around the house. Even started wrapping them and have most of that done. Not knitting much this year but well on my way with it. Certainly not stressing about it as they would be "bonus" gifts and not the main items.

Went for supper with some of the ladies from where I used to work. Really enjoyed getting together with them and the good meal at the Keg. Sorry not to see the ones who couldn't make it but maybe another time. Apparently they have offered some buyouts and will be laying off a number of people. The joys of working in the automotive industry.

Later today have a turkey dinner with wine at the Senior Centre so also looking forward to that. Mandy's Mom is in town for a short while so will see her after lunch. Maybe she will even take some of the wrapped gifts home with her and then I don't have to worry about getting them to her house and what Son might say. Was suppose to cut way down with gifts this year and have done pretty well. About a third or more are things I had bought before last Christmas. Give 7 cookbooks each year and didn't buy any at all this year. Will have 1 to put aside for next year even. Not buying towels which was one thing I always bought but to get 10 decent towels gets to be too much.

Heard from Heather and hope to get together with her soon. Maybe she'll come to Port Huron on Saturday. Have to get my mail picked up and found out something I can get for the Grandson. He will be 15 on Monday and knows what he wants for clothes. Don't mind giving him money for one gift but would like to get him something for the other. So now I can go shopping for him after a talk with his Mom.

Had gone to bed when I got home tonight and watched TV for an hour or so. Slept for 3 hours then wide awake so have wrapped some more gifts, played some Solitare, read some blogs and now have done this entry. I am getting cold so rather than turn the heat up I am going to go to bed. Will turn some Christmas music on and settle down to warm up my bed. There will be plenty to do in the next few days so need my rest.

Oh yes, first thing in the morning I guess I better clear some things. Think my Son would like to have a place to sit down instead of the couch doing service as wrapping central.


flit December 18, 2006 at 9:34 PM  

Hi Mom ... just thought I'd stop by, check for updates and let you know we missed you at dinner!

Got to see a hockey game... A got a penalty for tripping - but they won 4:0

See you next week though.

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