Monday, January 1, 2007


Start of another year with no resolutions except to live each day to the fullest. Hope everyone had a great holiday season and is looking forward with anticipation to the coming year and the great things I am sure it will bring.

Had a lovely dinner at the Centre and will definitely sign up earlier next year. Great visit with daughter who picked us up after so we didn't have to worry about parking.

Son has finished his 3 weeks of training and will be out at his first asignment this week. It sounds like he is enjoying it. Name of the company is Nexient which I must try to remember. One of the other people who worked this territory has been offered work with the Post Office. That means more opportunity for him to have more full time work.

December 18 he got to attend Grandson's birthday party in Toronto. Turned out I was the only one from the family who wasn't there. Restaurant is downstairs so wouldn't even consider it this year. Maybe in a few months.

Mandy's Mom came for me on the Friday before Christmas. Traffic was very heavy as guess a lot of people took the day off to get travelling. Only forgot one or two very minor things so did very well packing. Can manage a few days without a watch.

Mandy had arranged for one string of lights. While decorating with Daddy it was obvious that one string was not enough so this was the result. He even bought some snow for the trees.

Every Christmas Eve the children are allowed to open one present each -- pjs of course. Some even model their presents in front of the tree that she choose on their tree cutting expedition. For a number of years they have gone out with some friends to cut down their own trees. Another holiday tradition that I really like for them.

And then there are children who, if you are lucky, will hold them up.

Another tradition we have is that I made him a stocking when he was born and put some embroidery on it. Every year since I have added a button or charm that has some meaning to them. Mandy also got a stocking when she was born although she doesn't like the fact she doesn't have as much on it as Alex does. This year we had gone with their Mom and 2nd Granddaughter to see Happy Feet. Their "addition" this year was 6 button penguins for Happy Feet, Mandy turned 6 and Alex passed the 6' mark.

Easy to tell who got the most toys. Got several that made "music" so the day was not quiet by any means. Several Barbies and 4 "Collector" dolls which pleased her.

The turkey was to be cooked the day before Christmas but didn't get done. Had lots of lovely seafood that night and the hot turkey dinner on Christmas Day. Kids weren't up till 8:30 a.m. (didn't have Grandma nearby to encourage them) but that was plenty early for me this year. Had a great time, kids liked their gifts, and I got lots of lovely things - much more than I expected. Mandy's Sunday Mom and her Mom came for Christmas dinner. Food was great, there was lots of it, and we had a very nice visit. Sorry I didn't get a picture of them as would be a nice memory. They really added to the specialness of Christmas.

The eldest and youngest granddaughters with their "personalized" Hedgehogs and Christmas Day silliness. Alex's is maroon and blue for Colorado Avalanch and Jessa's is for the Toronto Maple Leafs. A hit with all 4. Made another 4 for the girls that consider my son their special friend. 2 don't have theirs as yet and the other 2 were a big hit with the girls. Asked for a picture of each girl with theirs as a special record for me.

Boxing day Flit, Ross and Granddaughter #1 arrived so more gifts to open. Mandy's Daddy's Dad and Stepmother also came. As per tradition, Ross bought Chinese Food for everyone. The nice weather sure made it easy for travelling but didn't help the traditional "White Christmas" theme.

Boxing Day silliness with a new use for all the bows. Didn't work well for sitting down so they did get back to Grandma Pat to use again. She always wraps the gifts lovely where I use newspapers and plastic bags. Have Mandy trained now to look at the wrapping for a clue as to who gave her the present.

Mandy and her Mom brought me home on Thursday and my house proceeded to get turned upside down. Son had activities out of the house for Mandy and when my friend Bev showed up we got sent out also. Mandy's Mom had promised to rearrange the spare room and my bedroom for a Christmas present. Had been feeling very uncertain about some of this so she promised that she wouldn't throw anything out. She didn't but there are still 6 bags of garbage outside. I can now see things and they are all together so it makes it much easier for me to sort and purge. Am really delighted with how things look and am certainly going to try my best to keep it that way. They went home on Saturday after lunch.

Saturday is also of note because Son took his cat Spun to the vet. He had her for 15 years but she has been suffering with arthritis and going blind. She has been getting progressively worse so Saturday was the day. I am not a pet person but feel very sorry that the end has come. I am also very sorry for Son as she was such a part of his life for so very long. He goes to Milton friends for New Years each year so will give him a break.

Now to do some knitting, watch some Bowl games and eat some good food. Tomorrow I can start sorting clothes, doing some mending and other necessary things.

Hope the New Year is all you hope for.


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