Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Finished Items

Had a very nice supper with Heather at Boston Piazza - her choice. Was nice as David decided to come also. Seemed very short but I am not up to sitting for very long. (I have cut my medicine to one pill a day so need more frequent lay-downs so I can keep functioning.)

It had started lightly snowing so the location was an easy drive for her. Was glad to hear their syncro swim team came 2nd in their meet in Toronto on Saturday. They have really improved in the year or so they have been together. Their next meet is in February in Waterloo but a bit too early for me to attend. Would love to see her one time.

Gave her the choice of purses and she liked both so home they went with her. One is a binder size bag that has been felted. It has 3 cables up the front. The yarn is Alafoss Lopi made by Istex in Iceland. 2 100 gm balls made the 2 purses and a small drawstring one for my cell phone. Thought I could wear it the small one or tie it to my walker for when I am alone when I come home.Heather's other purse is a smaller, more dressier style with cables up each side and forming the handle. Left it to her to felt or not. She has a top loading machine so it will be much, much easier for her. (The stripes behind it is the gift bag they went into.)Of course, I had to give her something in Western colours of purple and white as I usually do that at Christmas. This year she got a hedgehog for her birthday. Too bad the color is showing more blue than purple.

Have so many projects and so little time. Have to organize some for in hospital. Guess it will be my bamboo scarf and some socks are they are the smallest.

Had my Gentle Fit swim today which I certainly enjoy. Got some more clothes sorted and rearranged today but speed is certainly lacking. Want to have it done before Thursday night as I plan to go off all my meds by then. The hospital recommends 5 days before but I will have reduced the amounts for 6 days and none for 3 days. That is the best I can do if I want to function and get some things done before Sunday.

Had a nice phone call from my Sister this afternoon. Have only had one 2 line email since Christmas so was pleased to catch up with her. They have bought a larger trailer with a large Florida room. It is only 3 trailers from where they are parked this year so it will still be very convenient and will provide more room when visitors go next year. They will use the trailer they took down for the jamborees and weekends in Ontario.

My TV shows starting so think I'll get settled and get some knitting done.


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