Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Getting Ready

Getting ready to go swimming this morning but going to try and get an entry done.

Had the car yesterday so managed to get some errands done. Not all, of course, but some.

There had been ice overnight but the roads were clear and it didn't start getting bad until evening rush hour. Drove Son to work and them home for the morning. Just out for the afternoon.

Got another basket and some items at the dollar store. Everything on one side of the bed is organized and the new basket is holding goodies and knitting that is all I want to allow on the bed. I have been known to pile half the bed mile high with books, knitting, clothes, etc. so this is much better. Sure helps to be able to get to my clothes racks. (By the way, Mandy's Mom, wore the 4th pair of pants I put on yesterday and the first 3 went in the "get rid of" pile. Hope you are proud of me. Now I just have to keep doing that for the next week or two. LOL)

Got my hair cut very, very short. It looks very nice even this morning after sleeping overnight. Go to my niece Shantel as she is an excellent hairdresser. Fits it in between 3 sons and husband and hockey and parents and all. Enjoy the time visiting her.

Have had a hunger for piazza so stopped before I got home to get a large vegetarian. It was starting to snow when I came out which was not too nice over the remains of the earlier ice made walking and driving a bit of a hazard. Made it home safely and Son walked up the driveway just after me so didn't even have to carry my things into the house.

Son was on the computer most of the evening after going out for a few minutes. Not sure of the status of the router so will just wait until I am told it is working. He has an exam Saturday so probably was studying for that.

Off this afternoon to Cambridge with Bev. Staying at a hotel with swimming pool so I don't have to worry about driving up tomorrow morning for a 8 am appointment. Pre-op at the hospital with blood work, X-rays, etc. I certainly didn't want to drive home afterwards. Hope the weather stays good for driving. Want everything to go with less hassel than Flit is having for the first week of school.


flit January 16, 2007 at 7:21 PM  

Talked to A tonight and she didn't even know where my blog was LOL So thanks for the 'nother link

I am NOT finding this gmail thing to be an improvement at all - what's with the having to sign in again constantly?! Too annoying! Will have to see if there's contact info or something to complain to.

Sure hope he gets that router sorted out soon!

Anonymous,  January 17, 2007 at 6:22 PM  

If you guys keep it up, I will have to check blogs all the time. I loved hearing that you have started getting rid of. When you start on the tops and jackets, put in pile for me to go through before it goes to Goodwill, please and thank you. Not sure if more organizers are good, but if that is the only thing on your bed, maybe.
Talk soon

Margaret Ann,  February 3, 2007 at 6:09 PM  

Hi Aunt Sandra,
Just wanted to leave you a quick note, and hope that all is well. I hope that you are back up and running the yarn stores again soon. I look forward to you feeling well enough to make the trip out west. Sooner rather than later.

Best wishes and keep on recuperating. Don't forget to milk it for all it is worth too!
Love Margaret Ann

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