Thursday, January 18, 2007

Looking Ahead

Alright, what flowers should I plant in this new addition to our back yard? Always nice to plan and look ahead to lovely summer flowers on a cold, grey, wintery day.

This is what greated me when I arrived home yesterday. Achy and tired, it did not seem that unreasonable at the time.

Bev and I travelled up Tuesday afternoon leaving about 3 as it looked like it was going to start snowing. The temperature had dropped and there were some grey clouds with light snowflurries in the south edge of town. We actually had mostly clear skies and no snow on our trip to Cambridge. Our hotel was the second one south of the 401 so extremely easy to get to. Had a very nice room with the use of a swimming pool and hot tub. As you can guess we thoroughly enjoyed both although the pool was on the cool side. Would never do for Sister.

A big shopping area is across the road from the hotel so we went over there to Montana's for supper. It was a nice change as we haven't been there very often even though there is now one in London across the road from where Son used to work.

Light snow overnight which blew off the car very easily. Had to be to the hospital by 7:30 so I just grabbed a Danish on the way by. Bev got to go back, have a nice breakfast and a short nap. I got to see a nurse, give blood, have X-rays taken and then downstairs for an ECG. Everyone nice and friendly and moved me in the wheelchair with only one wait.

Went to the Fifties Diner for lunch - a place we really enjoy that has good, home-cooked styled food with large portions. I had the Montreal Smoked Meat platter with 6 slices of rye bread, cole slaw, french fries and enough meet for 4 meals for $8.95. And their deserts are great. Only complaint is that the fries are not home made.

Went to Mary Maxim's afterwards and did fairly well at not buying much. Only 2 items weren't on sale and my bill was almost half of Bev's so did very well.

By the time we reached the house, however, around my waist was so sore that I could barely move. I had only one thought on my mind and that was to get to bed. That is when I saw the outside addition. Inside there was the following --

overall it is about 2" higher than the old one. Yesterday that was the best present I could imagine. Son had decided it would be better in the long run even after I could do away with the plastic seat addition. He is so very thoughtful! And he called on his way home to see if I had eaten. At that point in time, I couldn't have cared less about getting something to eat although I was getting hungry. He brought home some lovely Thai food so I was thoroughly spoiled.

I am including a picture of the "picture" that Flit gave me for Christmas. When you take the back off, the center part is a lovely broach with a timepiece in it. The small box with the pieces of yarn stays in the frame. She bought it at a craft show that she had attended. It is so different, so appropriate and so very much me that I am just delighted with it. As yet, I haven't been anywhere I consider appropriate to wear it so it sits near my TV so I can see it easily. I am looking ahead to when I can wear it.


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