Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Heather's Fault

Heather came back from Alberta on Sunday and was very disappointed that we did not have any snow for her. She had bought new boots and had enjoyed the snow and skating and outdoor activities in Edmonton. Her car had sat in my yard for the time she was away so that if there had been snow, her covered car would not be an advertisement that she was not there to use it. I used it to pick her up and she drove it home.

Monday – there was snow. Only a small amount but enough to cover the ground.

It is all Heather’s fault. I certainly did not want to see any snow until Febuary and I have to stay indoors.

There is not enough snow to disrupt traffic so I will be joining Bev and some friends to go to Kitchener tonight to hear The Yarn Harlot at the K-W Guild. Very much looking forward to it as I enjoy her blog, books, and when I heard her the time she was here in London.

Today is the first day back for my swimming and just waiting for the bus now. Certainly looking forward to the warm water and don’t even care too much that it is only for ½ hour. Better than nothing at this point.

Blogger would not let me post when I completed the entry so it is now just after midnight and I am home from Kitchener. There was some blowing snow, some snow covered roads and a very strong cross wind. Certainly not as bad as some times we have driven it but not as nice as it could have been.

The guild now has 218 members and there were 63 visitors present due to word of mouth and people reading Stephanie's blog I am sure. It was nice to see that it is going so well. Also nice to see how the library has grown and the organization they have for it. The shelves were just a vague idea in my time.

Was sorry to hear of the death of Sally Laidlaw. She was a very nice lady, organized the Knitter's Fair and had a great sense of humour. She had been a member of the guild since the very start, I believe. The guild, by the way, started in 1986.

Stephanie was her usual delightful self and caused a lot of agreement within the group. How often have people thought less of our abilities when they find out we knit. Just trying to explain why so much yarn is required! I like the idea of considering knitting to be a sport which also ends the debate as to whether or not it is a craft or art. Have also noticed the other day that her newest book can be advanced ordered so must consider getting it. Just a question as to whether to have it shipped to London or the States.

I certainly hope she had a good trip back to Toronto and that the weather was not quite as bad as we had coming westerly through the snow belt. Like many people, Kitchener streets had proved to be a challenge. The main street, King Street, runs North South East and West. It also runs parallel to Weber Street yet crosses it at 2 locations. Apparently she had to call for further directions on her way into town.

Since I want the car tomorrow (actually later this morning), guess I better head for bed. Thought Son had to be at work for 8:30 but he says it is 7:30. Thank goodness for my nap this afternoon!


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