Friday, January 5, 2007

Useless Day

Got to go to the surgeon yesterday. Drive 1 1/2 hours to sign 2 pieces of paper and let him listen to my chest again. Some of the joy of having the surgery in another city.

Have to go to the hospital on January 17th at 8:00 A.M. Does anyone realize how early I have to get up at to ensure I am there in time? Certainly hope this gorgeous sunny weather holds. Have to work out about a drive but going to wait awhile before I think about that.

Delivered some items to Sylvia in St. Jacobs so we got our fix of apple fritters and a very extravagant, lovely meal at Benjamins.

When home I tried to copy some files onto a CD disk. Want to get them onto my laptop and use the CDs as backup for my files. (I am doing an index of my books and patterns so there is quite a lot of work I want to keep.) Disk drive won't write to the disk even though they are brand new ones I just bought. Screaming but not as loud as Flit yesterday. If Son would find one of his USBs I could just copy over the info that way but he is too focused on his first week of his having to train someone.

Tried to get some knitting done as eldest and a grand-niece have birthdays on the 19th . Managed 2 rows on 1 of the 3 projects. All in all, not a satisfying day.

Went to my family doctor this morning and got my flu shot. Had him looked at my one eye to see about the large blister like thing in the corner. It is just a cyst and a specialist would have to knick it to drain it for cosmetic reasons only. Other similar looking blisters are stys(?) and I don't have to worry about them. Feel more comfortable about it. They will take my staples out if required. Just have to bring in the remover that the hospital should provide before I am discharged. Made an appointment for my 2007 annual. Last year it was April - this year it will be December 13. Last time I remember that date it was a Friday and we were flying home after 5 years in Germany. Husband had gone overseas expecting to die in a car accident and not make it back to Canada; the car we were using that week wouldn't start, got it towed and the front bumper fell off; handed the last of 12 pairs of mittens to the Minister for a missionary family; the flight was an hour late arriving from Canada and several more hours late leaving due to mechanical problems; we had to sit beside the wings of a turbo jet so we didn't hear clearly for 3 days afterwards - but we made it to Canada in one piece so guess that is all that matters. Think I will remember the date easily for my appointment but will have to mark down the time.

Think I should pull my knitting out and see if I can turn this into a more useful day.


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