Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Water Time

It is fairly mild out and the light snow changes occasionally to rain which makes it terrible to push a walker out the laneway. However, I made it out and back and just considered it part of my exercise.

Made it to the Boys & Girls Club and had a time in the warm water pool. Didn't go in while they were doing exercises so I wouldn't be tempted to do like the others or to try and keep up with them. I used the program my physio had laid out and did 3 repeats plus some other movements I found very gently, satisfying and worked the upper body. Also did 8 swims across the width of the pool not using my legs like he was concerned about. It was so very nice to get in the warm water and relax.

The driver for my run was 15 minutes late getting back for the 1 o'clock run so I was stressing somewhat about that and certainly did not like sitting in the hall chairs for the extra time. I have had lunch now so think I will go lay down for a bit. Several people I have spoken to are surprised that I am back so soon. While I am not overly pushing it, I definitely feel better for making the effort to get out and so something.

One month post-op and one month to go before I see the surgeon and officially get changes and evaluation of my healing.


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