Sunday, February 25, 2007

Getting Out and About

Would have posted more this week but the phone and internet were down for several days and haven't been able to find my camera.

Have a finished project! The red purse for Evelyn is done except for the felting and I am quite pleased with it. There is a 3 strand cable up each side which become I-cord for the handle. Now I just have to get a purse made for myself.

I did work on an Elizabeth Zimmerman Rib Warmer for myself on Thursday at the Stitch & Knit & Chat club. It is growing but very slowly and no interesting shaping or such to show. Was nice to get out but my name had been crossed off for going home so one of the drivers had to make a special trip.

Friday was out for supper with Son to the Korean restraunt where we hadn't been for a year or so. Saturday was to Chapters with Bev and tried the new Red Tea Latte which was very good as a change. Today I went with Bev to Four Seasons with 2 of her work friends. They had the breakfast buffet which they very much enjoyed. I had a large appetizer plate which was delicious and easier than trying to do buffet. A very good weekend for getting out and having some good food.

Had a comment from before that I guess I should answer here. Bev had counted 29 staples so when they came out I asked the nurse to save them for me -- which she did in a urine sample bottle. It was the first time she had received such a request. Sent them to my grandson as I thought it would be fun to gross him out. Think I achieved my goal! Have had lots of laughs about it. Should also acknowledge that they were as clean as anything that had just been in paper so it is only the idea of what they were used for that caused the interest.

Weather has turned somewhat miserable with some freezing rain and snow so Son may not be home tomorrow night. Know that I won't be planning any trips out. Have a big project I am working on and plenty of small ones to get busy on so should be able to manage not getting bored.

Keep busy.


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