Sunday, May 6, 2007

Lake Orion, Michigan

Set off early Friday morning in beautiful weather. Was working on some green socks but not liking the way the toe looked so pulled them out and started them again. Just as we were nearly at the border booth I looked down and saw that I had worked the two socks onto one needle instead of the intended 2 needles. First indication this weekend would have its quirks.

Reached the booth - citizenship - Canadian; where were we headed to - Lake Orion, Michigan; how long were we going for - the weekend; reason for visit - knitting workshop. We then received a card to go inside and be checked further. Who knew that a knitting workshop could be considered worthy of such attention. We talked with a young female officer who, among all her questions, asked if we had any weapons or sharp items - excluding knitting needles.

Once on our way we had no further problems or delays. We were early enough to get to the store first to pay for the seminars and make some purcheases. I only bought one yarn. Sounds good unless you see it as it was a large cone with 20% off for taking the cone and 20% off for my birthday. Did buy some patterns I have wanted from birthday money. I would show them to you Flit but Blogger is still not uploading my images.

Lucy's trip was not as eventful as ours but it was much longer. She started at 4:30 a.m. from Nova Scotia to JFK, Detroit and car ride to arrive in time for the class. Even when very tired she gave a good class with a lot of information. Techniques were demonstrated by her and by the use of her DVDs while we did a hand-on version. No reason not too learn and remember many new "tricks". Learning her cast off was worth going for alone.

Saw someone from our previous class there who blogs about books and knitting, Miriam, and met lots of nice people with some beautiful knit items, like Kelly with her Myster Jacket. Wish now I had taken more pictures but I was too busy learning - or at least that is my excuse.

No questions at all when we reached the Canadian border even though I had passed my limit. Got a kitchen cart and a bar set to eat at in the kitchen so I can put my outdoor table and chairs back outside.

Had hoped to start working a 6 month contract on the Monday but there was a message that they wanted an interview on Tuesday which I went to. Afterwards I went to Manpower to do their testing again and haven't heard anything since so must get in touch with them.

Saturday Mandy's Mom called to talk with David as he needed the news and she didn't feel ready to talk with me yet. Their Dad is in hospital with internal bleeding so they went down today in time for visiting hours. Here is hoping that all goes well for him. They are hoping it was caused by his medications which should make it easy to correct the problem once they get the bleeding stoped and have given him a transfusion.

Not much I can do except pray, hope and knit so I'll do that now and try pictures again later.

Enjoy life.


llee May 6, 2007 at 6:56 PM  

Don't know why pics won't post for you... I haven't had any problems... wonder if maybe they're just too big?

Dad seems to be holding his own - white as a sheet, and very tired though. Was happy to finally meet R.

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