Thursday, June 21, 2007

Not a lot of knitting

as have been working 30 hours a week and then this week longer for meetings where I have been taking the minutes. To show how long it has been since I've taken minutes, the last time I had to type them on the typewritter.

I do enjoy the work, the people I have met and getting out on a regular basis. I have very much missed my swimming so start back at that next Tuesday. Feel I really need the warm water.

It is a 4 minute drive to my work but I have to take 2 buses. The morning ones total 25 minutes but get to work 45 minutes early because of the route the second one takes. If I took the next one it goes a slightly different way and I would be 5 minutes late. After work it took 21 minutes the one time the two buses made the right connection but normally it takes 45 minutes. Do get a little bit of knitting done in my travels and for 15 mins or so at lunch hour. Working on secret projects in the evening and they are going slowly it seems. At least I am getting some work done.

Enjoying the nice weather and it is not real hot at the times I am out. Have done very well with my garden work this year -- but than anything is a big improvement over the last few years.

Had a lovely supper out tonight at the Keg with 3 co-workers from Gates. It was so nice to see them. E-mails just aren't the same as a face-to-face. Several others I would like to see but maybe next time.

Baseball game should be on now so will lay down and knit while watching it.

Enjoy life.


flit June 22, 2007 at 3:59 AM  

couldn't you ask if you could change your start time by 5/10 minutes!?

have a great weekend! I'm heading to Niagara Falls

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