Sunday, July 15, 2007

Still Here

but not blogging a lot. Hard to believe it has been almost a month. Must get more diligent.

Still working. Should be for at least another month which is very nice to know. Gives me a timeline to plan things and to tell people..
Still enjoying the work and feel much more confident about it, of course. Get a routine going when you are able to do it more than one or two weeks.

Still swimming. Started back for the twice a week and it works out well with the bus. Get 30 to 45 minutes to swim before the classes start which helps. Do really need a Chiro appointment as getting very tight through the back. Son suppose to be in London next week working so hopefully will be able to arrange something.

Still knitting. Have a finished item but no pictures and need to get a related item also done but at least have that started. Also started the Mystery Lace 3 KAL but haven't finished Clue 1 as yet. Friday was the release of Clue 3. Just as long as I get all the clues saved to my computer before it ends, I will be happy. There are over 5000 people doing it and some lovely shawls so I know what the finished item will be patterned as. Using Jaeger Zephyr, light purple, that I bought in Lake Orion Michigan last year. Also using very, very small crystal beads which occasionally catch the light and add just a bit of weight. Should have used larger beads but I like the subtleties of the small ones.

Still reading. Mandy's Mom gave me "A Thousand Summer Suns" and I loved it!!!!!! Very sad but so very well written! Bought his earl er book "Kite Runner" yesterday and looking forward to reading it now. Had also bought Sidney Poitier's book on sale last week. I so admired him as an actor and person so I think I'll enjoy the book.

Still doing puzzles. Got a book of Hanjie puzzles for Christmas and so very much like doing them. Must be honest and say I look at the solutions to get started but try to do the rest myself. Was in Barnes and Noble yesterday and they had a big book called "Picture Puzzles" which are the each same thing. I am now the proud owner of one copy.
If you are not familiar with these puzzles, you are given a square of graph paper from 25 to 35 squares each direction. Across the top and down one side are numbers - a number in each grayed square that are the directions. The sequence 1 1 1 1 would mean that there will be four single squares filled in for that line and that none the the squares touch each other. A sequence of 13 4 1 would mean there are 13 squares, than a further 4 squares and a single square that do not touch each other grouping. By working the squares across and the squares across you can develop a picture. Some of them are very diabolical where it works out to be a single line outline of a smiling sun face, for example. That kind I skip or look at the solution for. Other times it might be quite easy, line a line of 33 across and nothing in the two edge squares. I can figure that out all by myself. Don't want the really challenging ones after a day of work and figuring out some knitting. I'll just leave them for now -- or cheat doing them.

Just realized I haven't really looked at the book since I saw the title. Bev and I had gone to pick up some mail for me in Port Huron and have a nice lunch out. Ended up at Chili's and really enjoyed it as we had a nice salad and assortment of appetizers. Off to look it over - and maybe do just one puzzle before doing some housework.

Well maybe two puzzles.

Enjoy life.


flit July 24, 2007 at 8:02 AM  

hi mom... just thought I'd stop by and say I was here :)

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