Sunday, July 26, 2009

Blogs I read

Have my favorites set up so I read certain blogs in order. There are other groupings and detours but I like having that "Read First" group to ground me and set the routine. They are the dividing between "life" and "computer life".

Since I've read blogs and well before my family started any blogs (Hi Flit), the first one read has been The Yarn Harlot. I read her for the knitting, for the writing, to find out about new events and yarns and people, to laugh with her, to be inspired by what she knits and supports like Knitting Without Borders, and to share the bad times when family dies or are sick. Just lately she has been having a bad time because of the actions of one person so I've commented on her blog to offer support.

It always surprises me at the standards that people set for themselves. You can be sure that if you do something stupid in real life, someone you know will see it and will take note. Actions you thought were of the most innocent in nature can be the most defining when you look back years later. How can you not expect that something you do on the web in a blog or on twitter or by email will not be exposed and examined? No one beyond my family may read this blog right now, but who can tell who might stumble across it in the future and judge me by the words written today.

Maybe that limits how I live my life and how I write my blog or such, but I believe that I will be judged at some point in time. Even if it is only by the harshest judge I know -- the one I face each morning in the mirror.

I may not agree with everything any one person does, none of us do or can expect that. I do admire Stephanie for the way she has handled this matter because messages and statements from the other person are out there to be seen on other blogrolls.

Knitters of the world unite and show everyone how we can work problems out with dignity, grace, and one stitch at a time.


flit July 27, 2009 at 9:57 AM  

the worst thing about that whole thing, I thought, was that the woman went on about being a CHRISTIAN - like that gave her licence to swear, judge others, and say and do whatever she wanted.

That's not quite my idea of what a Christian should be modeling.

Flemisa July 28, 2009 at 3:56 PM  

Nowhere near in my opinion to that of a Christian or even an woman. She maybe female but that is it!

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