Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mary Maxim - Part 2

Part of the fun of buying things is showing them off. So will try to get a few pictures for you --

As a knitter I like my sheep and I have resisted this bag for several years but this year it came home with me. It is from the John Hall shop in Paris - one of the many slightly quirky treasures you can find in the store.
Will be great to carry knitting projects in or use as a shopping bag when heading to a yarn store. (Not that I will be doing that anytime soon.)

Do like my knit socks and way behind in making some for me and for anyone else who might like a pair. Keep my eyes open for yarn I like and this is one:

One purchase that is. Should get 3 pairs of socks from it. You might get the idea that I don't go for the plain, one colour type and you would be right although I do have one or two plain. One is a soft lemon yellow very tone on tone so several shades of the colour in the yarn. Have a pair of socks almost finished and then I get to start the yellow ones.

The other thing that I search out at Mary Maxims (or anywhere for that matter) is books. This time I lucked out is the pattern book mentioned in the previous post was available. Also there were three issues of a magazine I like but rarely buy. This time they were half price and each had two or three patterns or parts of patterns that I like.

My family all think I have way too much books and yarn and patterns and stuff. Now that I have taken a few pictures of the things that are new this summer, I am beginning to agree with them. Maybe there is hope for me yet!


flit July 10, 2009 at 11:28 AM  


they don't ALL have to glow in the dark ...but glow in the dark socks would be very cool, don't you think?

I think so!

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