Saturday, August 8, 2009


Something that everyone has and is familiar with. Most people just head to a discount store and pick up a big bundle at a time going for the price more than the feel or look.
There are also people who prefer a certain brand, or the more colourful "novelty" socks.
And then there are the other two groups -- the ones who don't knit but have had a hand knit pair given to them and want MORE. (Hi, Flit!) Of course, the remaining group are the knitters.
Now it isn't just the fact that they are small, portable projects that are easy to stuff in a purse and work on anywhere. It isn't just the fact that a small yarn purchase can yield such an appreciated and usable item. It isn't just the fact that the new sock yarns are unbelievable in the materials they use, the colours, the way they are dyed giving mind-blowing amazement to a non-knitter.
These are important considerations but there is also two other important reasons. One is that there is such a wide range of possibilities for personal expression -- do you knit them top down or yarn up? do you use double pointed needles, one long needle (Magic Loop method) or two short circulars? do you work one at a time or both at the same time? what shape of toe and style of heel are you going to use? are you going to do a pattern and, if so, which type? do you put the increases at the usual spot or wherever you please in the foot? All these are important questions which I will review in the future as I work on my socks.
The second consideration is the fellowship of so many knitters, shop owners, and knitting teachers who all share the same interest and commitment to sock knitting. There is an instant connection when you see someone knitting them in public and a desire to check out what she is doing. There is the checking out for what you like and ideas you can use in future.
This weekend there is a Sock Summit being held in Portland, Oregon with about 25 teachers and hundreds of people attending. Although the technical people were warned in advance, the number of students all trying at the same time to register for classes was enough to crash the system. Some took this as the personal fault of the organizers which was certainly shortsighted. They asked for a stable computer platform but no one believes the effect of knitters until they experience it for themselves.
The Yarn Harlot is one of the organizers and a lot of information is on her site. There is also The Sock Summit 2009 site if you want to see exactly how big this is.
All for a simple pair of socks.


flit August 9, 2009 at 10:21 AM  

Scrooge says "I doesn't has any hand knitted socks. No fair!"

flit August 9, 2009 at 10:22 AM  

I don't have any either, btw ....! Not even any that DON'T glow in the dark.

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