Saturday, September 12, 2009

Knitter's Fair 2009

Another year, another indulgence although it was very limited. My Sister decided to come with me so I picked her up just after 9 a.m. Stopped for money, gas, and a breakfast sandwich. Sounds like a good rutine for me. She dropped me off at the hall and went to find parking. Found out later she got a spot nearby and looked inside but decided not to pay her money and look inside for me.
Would have enjoyed the company and definitely would have spent more time looking. Although she had her book and didn't mind sitting outside, I had said I would be an hour so limited myself to that.

At the very first booth, I made my first purchase -- Daisy, a circular shawl which is a style that I love knitting. Also bought the Leaves of Grass Scarf pattern from a nearby booth as I was intrigued on how the stitches were worked and it looks so lovely in the handpainted yarn.
Speaking of handpainted yarn -- bought this purple and green beauty of Hand Maiden and Fleece Artist. Actually designed as a sock kit so now I debate about making socks or a scarf.
Not planning on starting it anytime soon as I have enough just now to work on. It can wait for the next time I get "startitis".

Notice something (or someone) peaking out from the yarn?

That is my newest sheep -- Uncle Harry. I just love his Aran sweater and bemused look so had to bring him home.

I think he looks quite the character and was very inexpensive. Did buy a smaller one with a pink sweater and hat as a gift for my Sister. She actually has more places for ornaments than I do but doesn't have that many any more. Wish I had thought to look at the name of hers.

Headed up to St. Jacobs which has a huge farmer's market/flea market/outlet mall. Wandered the farmer's market, got our lunch and apple fritters, of course. Bright sunny hot day and no camera with me. Back roads home in time for Sis to go out for supper. Very nice day, all in all.


flit September 17, 2009 at 3:03 PM  

I want to go to St. jacobs!

Although the Peterborough market is pretty good too. Will be going this week since we're staying here until Sat night.

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