Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dead Sea Scrolls

Had an opportunity on September 30 to go on a bus trip to Toronto with some ladies from a friend's church.
So nice to just get on the bus and relax especially first thing in the morning. Had a break at a McDonald's service centres had some Breakfast Burritos. Haven't had in ages so nice change.
Our destination in Toronto was the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). (Even just opening their web site is fun.) We had a few minutes to wait and then went to our reserved area for a lovely lunch. Had grilled chicken, hummus, pita bread, couscous salad, cake and drinks.
Then our group was divided in half for each to get a leader who gave a very informative talk about the importance of the Scrolls, how they were found, what type of information they had and some background to the area and time when they were hidden. She then took us through the exhibits where we didn't have to read as she gave the info.
Highlights of this part --
a) a video of an archaeology correct view of the 2nd temple with some engravings indicated and then to turn around and there were the two engravings.
b) coins from the temple that were sold to pilgrims so they could pay their temple taxes - from the money changers of the Bible.
c) a sandal and partial tunic found in the area near the Scrolls.
The scrolls were well displayed in recess shadow boxes at waist level. Above were the translation of the scroll, indications of it's importance, and some details regarding it.
A video review of how early restoration contributed to the quick deterioration of some fragments and their efforts since to reverse and/or prevent further deterioration was interesting. You then walked by Bibles, Torahs, and Qurans from the 15th to 17th Century which were very impressive.
To think that words written centruies ago have been written and rewritten and treasured for so many years. Know that there have been errors, additions, and small modifications over the centuries, but the main messages remain the same. People have treasured these Words, died to protect them, and lived by them.
I felt that the exhibit honors all three "Abrahamich" religions with items picked for their commonality and to honor all.

Did make a too long stop in the Gift Room for several books. Have several I have bought over the years so now add some more to that section of my library.


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