Sunday, October 18, 2009

Woodstock Fibre Festival

Yesterday, October 17, was the very first Woodstock Fibre Festival and I certainly hope it will not be the last.

Will start with a picture of my purse and the bag the Festival had available for sale. (Took my walker as I wanted to see everything withot too much pain.)

There were a nice assortment of vendors available in the Fair Arena including yarn stores, weavers, spinners, rug hooking, fleeces, and books. Had seen some of the vendors at Kitchener but there were a lot of new ones I wasn't too familiar with. Also some from the immediate area so that was great to see and a good opportunity to find out about these shops.

At one of the booths, the lady was kept busy on an antique sock machine. Found out where a couple of hudred of them are buried in Woodstock but doubt anyone would be allowed to dig them up.

There was an area for the kids to try things, for demonstrations and for classes. Hadn't been sure I was going so neither of us signed up for anything. Next year I will look closer at the list. It was the last weekend for my friend's camping so that had limited her signing up.

The snack bar had two hot dishes, sandwiches and salads, fresh fruit salad, home made pies and drinks available with a good size area to sit down in.

Outside there were two llamas, sheep, a gost and 2 rabbits.

There was room to move around but you had to time your visits to some sites for when they weren't too busy. Purchased three balls of yarn and the Pym Cord Maker. Have pictures to show but Blogger doesn't want to upload them tonight so guess they'll have to show up later.

We stopped on the way home at a restaurant we had been to once before and had a very nice (and very large) dinner of Chicken Rice soup, salad, rice, vegetables, Bul_Go_Gee, dessert and a drink. Was a nice break and did enjoy the food.

Lovely, bright sunny day so a very good time.


flit November 4, 2009 at 2:20 PM you found more yarn shops to visit? I thought you knew where every one in Ontario was! LOL

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