Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween Knitting

Had a delightful weekend.

Started Friday with taken a Board Member from the Condo where I work to Len's Mills so she could buy some yarn. Always a nice start to any day. Especially since I didn't spend any money, had lunch bought for me, and did something nice for someone else. She will be making 6 or 8 sweaters this fall -- 2 children and the rest are for adults. Does much more knitting than I am just now!

Worked my afternoon which went well with no problems and visits from some that come down for the Friday coffee hour. The ladies are very nice and some are knitters and/or quilters so lots to talk about.

Went to Little Red Mitten that evening by myself as Bev was busy. That is when I bought some yarn which hopefully will be used up by Christmas.

Not real tired so headed for Brampton to the youngest. Trip was steady traffic but no slow downs or stops before I get off. Must admit it was nice to get there though and pretty well head straight to bed.

Went to Mandy's hockey game. Had one weird goal that should never have happened but she played especially well in the third period. Her team lost but mainly because they didn't score any goals and were hardly ever having good chances. Do enjoy seeing her the grandchildren's games.

She had better things to do so didn't join Jess and I on our yarn crawl. Went down to Mississauga to Linda's Craftique where I had never been before. Was nice to see the shop and had some yarns I hadn't seen before. Had a table where 4 could sit easily to knit and chat. (Makes me appreciate the Little Red Mitten even more as they have one room dedicated for groups and classes. Get 15 in easily.) Found some lovely graded blue shaded yarn for socks for Jess as that is what she really wanted to do this weekend -- start socks for herself.

Then up to Streetsville (a small town in the middle of Mississauga) as any yarn crawl has to include good food. Went to The Robinson Bray House and had a lovely meal and scones, of course.

Just across the street and around the corner is Ruti's Needlebed Shop where we checked out the sale and regular priced yarn. For some reason, Jess not too interested in the quilt material -- yet. The other project she was interested in was a circular baby shawl and I spotted some King Cole "Soft As Silk" yarn which I love for baby shawls but which has been discontinued. It was a lovely aqua colour and has the sheen from silk and is machine washable. She got to take the whole bag home but I get any she doesn't use. (Maybe by that time I will have cleared out some of the yarn that I have now. Just don't be foolish enough to hold your breath!)

Got her started on both projects and must say she did amazing. Not a lot of repeat questions, learned to look at her knitting and learn what she had to do next. Made some mistakes but identified them quickly and was able to correct them by herself for the main part. Was very impressed by how much she did learn without any frustration. She is doing two socks on two circulars from the toe up and using very small needles. She learned the magic loop method for the baby shawl so she doesn't have to have two circulars. She knows two types of increase and the difference in appearance. Likes quick results so the socks will require a lot of dedication but with the two projects she should be able to keep interested in both. I think she is going to be a very good knitter and one who goes beyond the very basics.

That evening she got to hand out goodies for most of the evening while Mandy and her friend went out. Mandy had a great pirate costume. The weekend before Mandy and Jess had carved pumpkins and I wish I had my camera. They had some great ones including one with a puck halfway in for an eye.

Sunday Alex came home from visiting the girlfriend at her University for a party. From the sounds of it he had a great time. Was quite tired out for his hockey game which they also lost. Such a different game from the Rep teams he used to play on! But it is the level and commitment he wanted to make so glad to see him enjoying himself.

Drove home right after in heavy but steady traffic. By that point I really needed my own bed! Should have been energized by all the wool and knitting on the weekend but haven't done much myself. Have started my own index of the yarn I have and getting a better idea of what can go and what I want to keep. Now just have to get it out of the front room before the Son comes home!


flit November 5, 2009 at 7:50 PM  

I don't ~get~ Jess and the knitting thing... not something I ever would have expected her to get so into.

Any glow in the dark yarns? That's the only kind that's important, y'know!

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