Sunday, November 15, 2009

Danny's Shawl - Update

Shawl has been put aside and will be given a new designation sometime in the future. Ran into a section that I didn't like how it was looking and haven't had time to change it and really, really need to be working on it.

So did the easiest thing possible -- started a new shawl. Have been admiring a pattern for several months and decided it would go perfect for her. So, Thursday night I went online, purchased and downloaded the pattern named Girasole. And started knitting. Don't have too much done as yet as Son needs a hat (more about that later). The pattern is easy to read, the chart is extremely clear and in big type. Looking forward to working on it.

Two weeks ago Son was working on the north shore of Canada in a place that used to be called Pelly Bay. With wind chill, the temperature was -40 Celcius. Very, very cold. And he went with no handknits from a Mother who knits. I felt so very bad that I bought him a ball of yarn Friday night and have been busy making a hat. At the very boring part of plain ribbing but it is getting done. Hopefully will add a picture later even if it is not modelled. Lovely yellow and orange colour. He has bought a new coat -- black down that comes down over his hips instead of a bomber jacket. For some reason he thinks it will be much better. I certainly hope so!

While he was Up North, my Sis was at Key West, Florida. Slightly different temperature and views. Next week he is near Edmonton and then 2 weeks in the Far North again. Great experience for him.

Now, better get back to his hat then the shawl which is my big reward.


flit November 16, 2009 at 8:47 PM  

I think I need a glow in the dark hat to go with my scarf!

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