Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hat and Hat

Dave -- the superintendent at the building I work -- got his Birthday Hat. He is turning 50 so it had to be red. And I thought it should be something very appropriate for at work. Now new owner's won't have to try and remember his name when they see him outside shovelling show in the dark evening hours.

As you can tell, he quite enjoys it and takes great delight in it. So nice to make something for someone who so obviously delights in it. The colour, the glow in the dark, the fit -- all got his approval. I thought the very top could have been 1/4" longer to move everything down a bit more and cover all of his ears but he was delighted.

Son got a wool hat for this latest trip to the North. Lovely yellow and orange but the pictures are on a different memory card that I can't find just now. So two hats completed, 20 rows at the centre of the new shawl and some work on a Christmas Gift so doing very well with the knitting this week.

Seems I have been out and about quite a bit this week and had a Board Meeting one evening, swimming three times and I have seen my grand-niece twice so have been busy. Just after 8 tonight and out tomorrow night so think I'll head to bed now and get some knitting done. Thank goodness I can knit lying down. And even have a football game on TV tonight. The evening is good!


flit November 20, 2009 at 8:45 PM  

I think I shall go pout now!

It's a great hat. I want one too .... well, not one that says SuperDave though ...but that is brilliant.

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