Sunday, November 22, 2009

Knitting Away

Had some lovely items to show but Son was home this weekend and now that he has left, discovered that I have a camera but no memory sticks for it. At this point I am ready to buy myself a camera and memory sticks and hide them (the hiding part would be extremely easy).

Finished another item in the yellow of his hat so wanted to show the lovely yarn. If you scroll down,it is M240, Prarie Goldenrod, in the left hand column.

Had started one shawl for Danny and now working hard on the replacement one in a pattern that I find easier to knit. Finished the third chart and it is working up quickly. Very impressed with the charts.

I very much enjoy charts and, if the finished project is worth it, I will chart my own. That is what I was doing with Danny's first shawl but the knitting and charting were not coming together and it didn't look like the picture for a few rows. Decided to leave it for now but have another project that is a written pattern that I am going to chart as I go along. Found it through a Yahoo Group that I am a member of and saw the picture on the original Danish site. A member of the Yahoo Group very nicely worked the translation for the written instructions so I am working from that. The pattern is called "Anne" and it is working up nicely. Have 38 rows knit and charted.

Now to work on some items for Christmas that may or may not get done. Have some things bought so these are just add-ons but would like to get some done.

Enjoy life.


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