Friday, December 4, 2009

Some Flitting

Just returned from Knitting Night at The Little Red Mitten in St. Thomas. Had a very fun evening with cake and wine available. Joan, the owner, had a birthday so we had to celebrate.

The scarf being made for Jumbo was put on him last Wednesday. There are several pictures in the shop but I couldn't find anything online. Lots of articles online to tell you about Jumbo and his importance to St. Thomas

Working some nights on one project and then another the next night so not getting anything finished. Still need the part to download the pictures anyway.

Interested in knitting needles at all times and found a cute video on the Skacel site for Addi Needles. Take a moment to check it out.

Winter has officially started as our Super wore long pants today. Just because it was zero celceus and windy and he had to put the Christmas Lights up was reason enough for him to do so. Not cold enough for a hat yet though. Overall the weather has been great to date. No snow in November, a very light dusting when we got up December 1st, couple of days of rain and the Zero today. Don't mind this at all.

Heard from my Son on Wednesday. He called to say how much he appreciated his new hat. Was only -27 and he is in the South of Nunavit so an improvement from where he was before. I am not sure if it is Whale Cove or Arivat he is at but it is south of Rankin Inlet (where the Governor General ate a seal heart and Pelly Bay where he was recently). Not the South I would like to head for!

Enjoy life.


flit December 8, 2009 at 7:54 PM  

He got pictures of the school walls/bulletin boards for me up there - that is way cool! Hope he remembers to send them as soon as he gets home though - hoping to get the essay written this weekend.

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