Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Olympic Challenge

Four years ago I made myself a vest because of the Olympic Challenge that Stephanie started. (The picture is from the advertisment of the kit. The design is sheep done in shadow knitting so the design is only seen from certain angles. Had never done shadow knitting before so it was a real challenge to follow the charts and learn the ideas behind the process.)

This year, she has laid down the challenge again and again I will answer.

The year I am going to make some Beavers from the book "Knits From the North Country" edited by Cindy Nicholls. I have wanted to make something from this book for ages. To challenge myself to do something "Canadian" when the Olympics are in Canada but not just the red and white which I wouldn't use a lot of afterwards and the shaping involved with the animals and coats seemed like something doable and yet an effort. Also hope to catch up and finish the KAL shawl that I am working on.

And also to do regular postings of my progress. Should make an interesting 17 days.


flit February 10, 2010 at 8:03 PM  

red and white (glow in the dark) would make a great Olympic beaver though.... can't imagine WHO that one could be for LOL

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