Saturday, February 27, 2010

Olympics - Day 14

A perfect day for a photoshoot. The snow even let up so the photographer wasn't uncomfortable. Especially since my Olympic mittens were needed as a place to sit.

Did some adjustment for this photo so that his eyes and nose would show up clearly.

Notice that he has 4 fingers on each hand. Nice attention to detail in the pattern.

And, of course, a special picture to show off his sweater. For the record -- the design is one that The Hudson's Bay Company has used for over a hundred years in its blankets and coats. They were a British Company that set up and exploration and trading posts which helped develop the country. Their presence remains as a department store now.

And since it gives me such a smile, a closeup of the colours in his tale (and yes I know the spelling is wrong but don't need the results of searches on the correct spelling.)

All in all, I enjoyed knitting this toy and have had great fun with it. I do think he might appreciate a name (hint, hint), a hat and perhaps a change of sweaters.

Only one more day of the Olympics and then, supposedly, back to normal. Do have several large projects I must get busy with and some housework could also be done. But for now, a smile for him as he sits beside the computer and a chocolate or two for me to celebrate.

Hope you plan to watch the closing ceremonies at least and that you enjoy them.


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