Monday, March 1, 2010

Olympics Closing

Well, the official party is over except for the cleaning up. And I'll guess that there is a lot of that going on today. And soon the accounting and handwringing and what ifs and evaluations will start.

But I want to enjoy the good feelings and the pride for a day or two longer.

Those were our athletes who won 14 gold medals. Those were our athletes who won silver, and bronze, and came oh so very close in so many events. Those were our athletes who did their very best and, hopefully, enjoyed the experience and learned from it for the next Olympics and their future lives.

Those were fellow Canadians partying in the street and singing the anthem. Those were fellow Canadians showing the world a good time.

No major demonstrations or violence that I have seen reported.

And I enjoyed the Closing Ceremonies although much of the humour probably went over the heads of many. And the way the glitch with the one part of the cauldron was handled I thought showed a lot of class and Canadianism. The very end got much more youthful and rocking which I am sure many were ready for as "the old folks" would have headed to a staid reception or, for those at home, gone to bed.

Had some great suggestions for the name (thanks Scrooge and Mandy) and really considered all of them. However, for 13 Olympics, everytime you turned on the TV we got to see Brian Williams. He has covered the very best and the sad times and everything in between and, to me at least, he is an essential part of the Olympics. So the name chosen (drum roll please) is Brian William Beaver or B.W. Beaver.

Now to start knitting the requested "family".

And to admire the Gold Medal I won for setting a challenge and completing it.


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