Sunday, April 11, 2010

Next Project

Seems I've taken a break from the daily posting. When there doesn't seem like much is going on it gets very hard to write a post. I have started a new project, well to be honest I have started two projects, so I guess there is something to write about.

First project -- there has been a shawl that I have admired for several months. Decided last month that I could at least order the pattern. (The picture is from someone selling the pattern.) Click of the button online and a link to it is provided so you can download and print it out in minutes. Not always sure that it is a good idea.

The next day my friend Bev and my grand-niece came with me to Brampton to see daughter and granddaughter. The granddaugter was having her birthday later in the month and I wasn't sure I would get back up so the trip seemed a good idea. My two passengers got lots of books from A so that made them happy. We then went with a friend of the granddaughter to The Robinson Bray Tea House in Streetsville. I must admit it is a favorite place to go for a special treat. It did not disappoint on this visit and was even more special since two of the group had never been for "tea".

Naturally, Bev and I had to go across the road to the yarn store. They have more yarn and quilt material than most stores three times their size so you really have to look for items. I was looking for either a good sale yarn or colours I would like for my newest pattern. Found some good sale yarn but also found a yarn that I thought would be ideal for the pattern. It is a sock yarn and has some long lengths of colours but they are all colours I wanted. Not the very softest yarn but it is superwash wool and nylon so should be easy to care for and long wearing and probably will soften up with washing.

Have done 102 rows out of 218. Totalled the number of stitches worked in each row because that amount grows quickly. There is also a crochet finish which you can't figure in how much yarn is required. Have done just over 1/4 of the stitches
and haven't finished the first ball of yarn yet, as you can see in the upper left corner of the picture, so that was a great relief.

Lace knitting doesn't look like much until it is blocked and opened up. It is a different weight of yarn then used in the pattern picture so hoping it makes a shorter shawl. I am not that tall do don't need all that length.

Just a note -- the sale yarn did not come home with us.

Will talk about the second project in the next post as it is getting late.

Enjoy life.


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