Monday, April 12, 2010

The Other New Project

Nearly every Friday night Bev and I go to our LYS to visit with knitters, look at patterns and yarn, and usually have supper afterwards. It makes a very nice end to our work week and is something we both look forward to.

She is going to Jamaica for a wedding and then to Camping for 6 months so not buying too much. I have more than enough of everything and not much room so neither am I in the buying mood.

But there was some new yarn and it would go so well with a new pattern I have and a dress from last year! You can guess what happened next. Two skiens came home with me and I have started knitting. No picture of the knitting as yet but I have a picture of the pattern and pattern.


Dress is an offwhite if you want to try and picture it. It is a cotton and viscose yarn so no warmth at all but think I will get lots of wear out of it.

So what have I been knitting on most this weekend? A harsh feeling acrylic in a bright primary colour (orange). In a pattern almost exactly the same as one I knit just a few weeks ago. If you need a picture of boring, that is what this is. It is ideal, however, for carrying around and knitting in those "down" times like waiting for others to finish shopping, waiting for a skating show to start, and when you know you will be doing a lot of talking. Surprising how fast it is going. Sorry, but it doesn't rate a picture as yet. When I do post one I will warn you at the start so you can put your sunglasses on.

Now off to knit a few rows on something that feels nice in the hands.


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