Sunday, May 9, 2010


Have had 3 marvelous and busy weekends in a row. Instead of collapsing today (like I usually do late Sunday) I decided I had to get some posts written so I would have a record of events.

The weekend of April 24-25 I spent the days in Kitchener and travelled back and forth with Joan, the owner of The Little Red Mitten. She has a lovely new red Prius so it was a real treat to ride in it. And the company was marvelous as we had been in Kitchener during the same time period and both are into knitting. I will admit to being a fairly good (and frequent) supporter of her store.

Amy Singer from Knitty was the instructor for the Plug-and-Play Style of making a shawl. Very much enjoyed her style and the course with lots of hard thinking. Do have my notes of 3 shawls I want to develop using the information and challenges she provided.

My problem was that I found out the next day that there were two new babies - one born and one expected withing the month - for whom I needed shawls. Have been focused on them but the ideas can still develop for the shawls.

Sunday my youngest picked me up from class and provided a bit of quiet time. Most certainly needed it! Later we met all the rest of my family and had a lovely dinner. Sadly, no pictures were taken although I don't like to be in pictures but would have liked ones of everyone else.

I am now the proud owner of an eReader. Didn't really believe I would ever have one and thought I didn't need one but how wrong I was!!!!!! It is so handy for reading and have several books that were given to me, several I purchased and downloaded myself AND my pattern files that are downloaded as PDFs can be put on it. They can also have notes attached to show what row I have finished and any comments I want to record. Can write notes to myself or type memos, can draw pictures of what I would like a shawl to look like, etc. so I am really enjoying it.

Thanks to everyone who did come down as I really appreciate the effort involved and the time taken. The presents were all so very nice but having you there was the best.


flit May 12, 2010 at 9:55 AM  

I'm glad you enjoyed it ...and were happy with the eReader

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