Saturday, May 22, 2010

Last Weekend

Was a nice change as I didn't have to do too much. Did get to a local market but more to just look around rather than shop. Spent quite a bit of time just lying down and knitting.

So happy with what I did get done. My son has been friends with a couple of people from the time a long, long time ago when they were Army Cadets. The female has now become a Grandmother and, while I didn't send anything to her, I got a shawl made for the baby. That has been a tradition for over 10 years now -- that I make a shawl for the babies that his friends are having. He first offered to pay for the yarn but that really has never happened and, considering all that he does for me, I would never expect it to happen.

The shawl was worked in Caron Simply Soft on fairly large needles and used only a portion of a doily pattern. That is the advantage of using the larger needles and yarn. Yarn is machine washable and dryable which I think most new mothers appreciate. He was nice enough to wash it before getting it sent off to the family.

Working on aother shawl for the baby a woman I used to work with had a few weeks ago so that will keep me busy this weekend.


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