Monday, May 24, 2010

Projects - Pattern Parade

Have been working very hard on my projects but the camera and computer have both decided to take a break. The camera doesn't seem to take all my pictures and the computer wants nothing to do with the camera. I am too busy knitting and trying to keep cool that I haven't bothered to sort matters out. One of these days I will but want to start documenting a new project and I think on a blog is the best place. With Flit's help I set one up that looks much like this one and the two are easily reached from each other by clicking at the very top of the screen. The new blog is Knitting & Flitting Pattern Parade.

So many garments and scarfs and shawls and hats are developed just by picking a stitch pattern. It is how they are combined that makes the big difference. Knowing how a stitch will make up certainly helps to get the mind thinking in the various ways that they could be used.

At the Knitters' Frolic in Toronto I purchased a Japanese pattern book of 300 different patterns. Many of the patterns I haven't seen in the pattern books that I have. So as a break from my big projects, a change of needle and threads from my present knitting, a change in thought patterns and as a challenge for myself, I have started knitting patterns from the book.

It will be interesting to see if I can keep this up and how many I do get made up and what will come of them. I certainly don't intend to stay with the one book but it will hopefully be the main focus.

With so few readers I hope you'll excuse me in this self-indulgent venture and visit the site. Maybe it will challenge you in some way.

(Pictures will be added when I can get matters remidied.)


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