Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Weekend Three

This past weekend on the Saturday, May 8, Bev and I drove to Toronto for the Knitters' Frolic.

This is the 13th year and we have gone for several of them and have seen it grow by leaps and bounds. Held at The Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre, there is lots of space for the vendors and classes. Wish the parking lot was bigger but we were able to get a spot in the far back corner of the lot. Funny thing was that Joan and her husband pulled into the next spot to come free about 3 cars over from us. He came along to get ideas for when they do shows and Joan was there to shop and see the yarn and maybe to get some ideas. Think I have their priorities right.

I must admit that I was very focused on what I wanted to see and didn't plan to buy very much. Didn't buy as much as I was interested in but, of course, it is way more than what my children think I should have bought. They do not understand the concept of "stash" and the satisfaction of having the yarn or books even if they are not used immediately.

Will show one of the yarns I did buy.
This is a gorgeous silk yarn with the dye name of "sand". Colours are much more subtle when holding it. Plan to make a circular shawl for one of the grandchildren to have for their children. Already have the yarn for 2, maybe 3, of the 4 shawls I'll need. Might even get 9 more done for my Sister's grandchildren. Two do have theirs.

At the show Bev and I shared an order of sushi made with brown rice and so very fresh and delicious. Also had a cup of lemon ginger tea which was just perfect to take the edge off our hunger. A lovely lady from the North York Knitting Guild sat with us and we had a lovely talk about many yarn related topics.

Bev and I headed out then to the North York Ikea store for a "proper" meal. Had a delicious meal of stuffed salmon and nice wander through part of the store. It made a nice break and was something we hadn't done for a very long time.

Started on our way home and did very well getting in the right lanes and such for the 401 at a very busy time of day. Since I don't do it often, I naturally found it somewhat stressful and tiring so we decided to stop in Kitchener for gas and something sweet. Went into the Pioneer Barbeque for dessert but ended up with a pulled chicken sandwich before. My dessert was a raspberry custard pie with an inch of topping. (The rhubarb was sold out.) Very much worth stopping for. And got my gas nearby as the headwinds driving home were so bad I wasn't going to risk going too much further even with the guage showing I had a quarter of a tank. It turned out that the gas was 3 cents cheaper there than at my closest home station so that was a nice bonus.

Sunday, Mother's Day, I was on my own as Son left early in the morning for Northern Manitoba for a few days work. Turns out the place required a $5.00 boat trip out to an island. Not your usual form of travel to work. Eldest was out west and due home today or tomorrow and Youngest lives by Toronto and busy with her own family. Had seen them all two weekends ago so certainly didn't expect to see them today. I did get phone calls from all three though.

I have been making the shawls mentioned in the first Weekend post and have nearly run out of yarn for one of them. Had bought the yarn in Port Huron a year or two ago but hadn't gotten enough. Finally remembered that I had seen it at Mary Maxim's in Paris a few months ago and a check on-line shows it in their catalogue. It was a bright sunny cold day and very pleasant to drive with everything so green and fresh looking. Had a nice drive on the 401 and the 403, got the yarn I need to finish the shawl, and then had a nice meal at Kel's across the road from Mary Maxim's. (Love stopping in there - good food, good prices and nice staff.)

Came home on Hwy 2 so an even "quieter" drive. Treated myself to some ginger from Picards in Woodstock and soup from Tim Horton's for supper. Have watched a web-televised show featuring a blogger I enjoy reading. Knit several more rows on my Peacock Shawl and typed out several posts.

Feeling very satisfied with the weekend. Have London Guild Monday night, missing K-W Guild Tuesday night and supper out Wednesday night, swimming Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings, so a fairly busy week. Hopefully can fit in lots of knitting and I can get some pictures of my progress.

Hope your week going well.


flit May 13, 2010 at 5:43 PM  

And then when you're done all that, you're going to start on my peacock shawl? LOL No, didn't really think so. I do love that pattern though.

Scrooge says hi. He is grumpy today because it is raining, and Ross is not feeling well and doesn't want a dog on his lap.

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