Monday, June 7, 2010

The C & S Weekend

Started the weekend on Thursday by going to Brampton right after work. Made for a longer day but that was the only way it worked out time wise. Certainly didn't want to start driving around 4 in the morning.

Mandy & Andrea & I headed East VERY early on Friday morning to meet Tamara and Jessica in Oshawa and then to Peterborough to meet Flit & Ross. We got to see Flit "walk the bridge" for her MA Convocation.

Was very impressed at the setup Trent University does for the convocations. As we got near the University there was a sign for "Handicapped and Eldery Parking Area" and it was a fair size lot directly across the road from the convocation area. Once out of the car and across the road we were met by a nice young man who offered to accompany us to the correct seating area after directing us to the elevator and describing the area. We were basically beside a 3 storey building (the library), on our right, with an elevator to the top floor that had a walkway (above our heads) across to a plaza on our left. The plaza connected to two other buildings in which the receptions were being held. Several tented areas were setup for selling flowers, novelty items, and frames. The Alumni Association were providing free lemonade and suncreen. The seats for the "Handicapped and Elderly" were at the top of the stairs leading down to an open area with seating and facing the stage for the graduates which opened onto level 2 of the library building. The bridge across the river ends at the plaza area so we had a perfect view of the grads coming, passing behind us, heading down the stairs and then up the steps to the stage. It was a bright, sunny day so a lovely time to be outdoors especially with a slight breeze off the river. Had several offers from the volunteers for more lemonade throughout the time we were there. When it got to be too hot, headed inside to the first floor of the library where a small classroom was set up with a closed circuit TV broadcasting the ceremony. All in all, I was very impressed with their consideration for visitors and the setting and the ceremony.

(The ever helpful folks at Trent have also provided some further info. Click June 2 morning service for some good pictures of the area and June 4 morning for the service we attended.)

After the service, we headed to a Vietnamese restaurant and then up to Lee & Ross' house in VH. Mandy even got a ride on the pontoon boat which she very much enjoyed before she and her Mom had to head to Barrie. She was playing in a soccer tournament near there and got to spend two nights in a motel.

Jessica, Flit and I went to one game Saturday afternoon. Once home we headed out on the boat which I very much enjoyed. More about it when I get the more time.

Sunday was cold and rainy in the morning for the 9:30 game which was their third tie but which let them into another game. That game they won so headed for another game. Their team won again which earned them the gold medal so worth it all. Cleared in the afternoon but still chilly although the girls were warm with all the running around.

Made for a very good weekend all in all. Got to see the success of the eldest child, to see the youngest granddaughter's team succeed, to see all four grandchildren, and got knitting done on all three of my major projects. Hope your weekend was as good.


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