Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bits & Pieces

Had a lovely week off work. Very ready for the break although it is during my busiest month. Spent a few days with the 2 youngest grandchildren although they are not very young anymore. Was pleased to get one-on-one time with both of them which was really good.

Thursday I dropped the youngest at school and headed for home. Shortly after I got here with the car, my Son headed there to look after them until the parents got home on Saturday. Parents had been in Vegas and L.A. for Anniversary Trip - after 20 years of marriage and another 14 or so of being together, I guess they do deserve some one-on-one time also.

Two of my grandnieces and one husband had arrived in my town on Tuesday. My Sister and Niece arrived Thursday noon and they immediately headed for Port Huron. I showed more sense and stayed home.

Friday one of the grandnieces graduated with her Bachelor of Education. I was very
pleased to accompany her Mother and Grandmother to the service. It has been nice having her here the past school year and looking forward to having the other grandniece and husband here next school year.

They had one of our cars but my friend Bev brought her husband's van and we got to our LYS for Friday Knitting Group. I bought this lovely Trekking yarn for a shawl I am so intrigued by that was designed by Ilga Lejaand titled "Bermuda Scarf".

Saturday was warm and sunny so family tradition means a trip to Port Stanley. Fortunately it worked out that my Niece and I were enroute before the others had left home so we made a short stop at my LYS. My Niece has always wanted her own yarn shop and they don't have one she likes at home so was very pleased to introduce them to each other. (She purchased - I didn't.)

It was World Wide Knit in Public (WWKIP) Day so I was pleased to do my bit. Some knitting on my shawl Cascata after enjoying some famous Mackie's fries, (with two pieces of pickerel) and their famous Orange Drink.

Water was quite rough and the wind strong but the sun was out and it certainly was warm enough.

Had a nice stop at Broderick's - another landmark - for ice cream. You can get a Sundae with 5 flavours of ice cream, 3 toppings, whipped cream, nuts, etc. for $7.95. Now if you could just get a group to agree on the flavours because I seriously doubt that just one person could eat it all although I know several who would love to try. We settled for one or two scoops each.

Now back to work and in the full swing of things. This week we have our Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the Condo where I work so keeping very busy. And my usual warm water pool is closed for the painting of the ceiling until July 7. I may have to use the whirlpool at work to get relaxed and the soreness out of my back.

But I have got a post done for both of my blogs and pictures in them both and more pictures into Ravelry so doing well.

Hope you are enjoying warm weather and lovely times.


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