Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Well, we did get some knitting done.  I think Bev spent most of the time making sure she hadn't made a mistake but I did get an inch done on over 200 stitches a row.  Lots of chatting I must admit. 

We did go for the elevator circle walk (she has found a route around the elevators) which fulfills her exercise requirements as she does it several times a day.  Must admit that this is the first time she has mentioned how many days she has been in hospital (13) and that she is looking forward to going home.

Will be several more days as she didn't keep all her soup down from yesterday.  Probably part of it because she also had to quickly drink that icky sweat drink required before an upper GI test.  Doctor came in while I was there and said that her stomach was "slow draining".  There is a large enough opening to drain the contents but most of the contents lay below the hole and not draining quickly.  The Doctor hoped that later today or tomorrow morning he will be able to remove her feeding tube.  Recommended that she eat very slowly which isn't hard when you are talking a lot.

The one major change is that it is now an all female room!  Was a big surprise when I walked in.  The one man who had been in before she came in went home on Monday.  I think the constant change of everyone else is one reason she is getting impatient to go home.  It is easier for me to visit her in hospital instead of at the camp site I must admit.  I have been seeing more of her than usual as we usually only get together once a week so that part is very nice.  Would give it up, I must admint, if she could have stayed healthy.

Nice treat to have the day off in the middle of the week and was glad with the way I spent it.

Hope you have had a great day and many, many more.


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